Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dear Hannah,

It has been the joy of my heart to know you not only as my daughter but as my student. I cherish each and every hour that we've spent together sitting on the floor, cuddled on the couch, working at the table.... I can still remember so clearly the night I stayed up to cut out squares and laminate them before your first day of homeschool. On each of these I placed all of the letters and from them you soon learned to spell and read. I really didn't know what I was doing, but you were so responsive and eager to learn. You've had to lebe flexible and patient often waiting for a baby to eat or me to carve out time for your questions. But through it all, you've proved to be a diligent, selfless, focused young lady really teaching yourself this past year. Watching you learn and discover has been my reward. I wouldn't have traded these years for anything in the world.

It's true that I'm going to miss you immensely. My mind I know that you will be practically across the street, but my heart knows it's a letting go nonetheless. I'm letting go of you proudly, Hannah, knowing that you are going to shine for Christ. I'm excited to see what new things you will try, what opportunities will arise and what you will learn about yourself in the process. You can be certain that I'll be your number one supporter with my arms open wide each time you return home.

Loving you always,


Mary@notbefore7 said...

A beautiful letter for your daughter. What a fun memory of the laminated squares - cute!

Amy K said...

Very sweet memories. This will be such an exciting new chapter for Hannah.