Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, that boy

I'm missing my little ones. Grandma and Grandpa have lovingly offered to watch them while we are away. I know that they will be well cared for and have a great time. But it's quite strange not to have those three in tow. I think each of the big girls shed a little tear as we drove away. What can I say? We love each other.

So tonight (or should I say this early morning) I'm remembering with a smile our sweet Joseph and his commentary on the dentist this week. He had to have two baby teeth pulled because the adult teeth came in behind. I paid the extra for the nitrous oxide. I don't want my boy to have dentist trauma at age seven. His perspective is one of a kind. Listen to this:

(On the way there) "Mom, are they going to give me a shot?"

"Probably. Does that worry you?"

"It only worries me if I don't get a prize from the treasure box."

The dentist came to tell me that all went well. In fact, Joseph had been done for some time. "I think it's taking him longer to pick out a toy than it did to pull his teeth." Yep.

(On the way home)

"Mom do you want to feel my chin? It feels like a big, fluffy pillow. He told me that it would last for two whole hours!"

"I felt like I was flying and my tummy tickled. But my hands were tingly. That was weird."

"I could hear it when he pulled my tooth. I could hear it REALLY LOUD in my ears. It sounded crunchy."

"You should have seen that dentist. He looked so white all over. That made me smile."

(At home)

"I do NOT like the way my face is buzzing! This is the longest two hours of my life!"

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Give Away

I'm having a give away over at The Full Table. Join in, you might win!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking a Breath

To be honest, this hasn't been the most relaxing summer thus far. Summer used to mean staying up late to watch movies or read, slow moving mornings, trips to the library, kiddie pool play time, afternoon naps, evening tennis games.... This summer has been anything but this. It's been working on projects, cleaning, working some more, a family reunion, all day basketball camp, last minute schedule changes. Most of Sean's travel has fallen in June this summer, so I've been holding down the fort and trying to keep the plates spinning. I'm tired.

God knew months ago that I would need a break right at this moment. Later this week we'll leave for our dude ranch vacation. I really can't imagine anything better that being out in the open air for a whole week with no responsibilities, no expectations. I've never seen the West, let alone from the back of a horse.

I'm looking forward to uninterrupted conversations, reading, games, reconnecting, praying, silence and breathing deep.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So are the days....

Oh, the blog has once again fallen by the wayside to family time and work commitments and summer days and reading books and enjoying the porch swing and exercising and facebook.....
and so is life for now.

But I can't go another week without joining in Tiny Talk Tuesday. So many of the kid's antics I forget, but here are some recent gems that keep me smiling.

Rebekah scared the wits out of me the other day when she pulled back the shower curtain and shined a flashlight in my face.

"Rebekah, WHAT are you doing?"

"Mommy, I know that light and rain make a rainbow. I want to make your shower full of rainbows because I love you."

Elizabeth came home reporting that our neighbor dog, Jack, jumped on her back. I overheard this conversation.
Lydia (12): Betsy, I think Jack was trying to mate with you.

Elizabeth (9): What does 'mate' mean?

Lydia: It means that Jack wants to marry you.

Elizabeth: But Jack's already married to the other neighbor's dog.

Lydia: Oh.

John was using his fork as a catapult for peas at the dinner table.

Hannah: John stop using your fork as a first class lever!

(You can only imagine how that made Sean smile:)