Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking a Breath

To be honest, this hasn't been the most relaxing summer thus far. Summer used to mean staying up late to watch movies or read, slow moving mornings, trips to the library, kiddie pool play time, afternoon naps, evening tennis games.... This summer has been anything but this. It's been working on projects, cleaning, working some more, a family reunion, all day basketball camp, last minute schedule changes. Most of Sean's travel has fallen in June this summer, so I've been holding down the fort and trying to keep the plates spinning. I'm tired.

God knew months ago that I would need a break right at this moment. Later this week we'll leave for our dude ranch vacation. I really can't imagine anything better that being out in the open air for a whole week with no responsibilities, no expectations. I've never seen the West, let alone from the back of a horse.

I'm looking forward to uninterrupted conversations, reading, games, reconnecting, praying, silence and breathing deep.


Tif said...

Oh, Monica, I'm SOOOO excited for you. You will be awed by the beauty surrounding you and inspired by the sunset over the mountains. Relax, enjoy, soak it all in. Especially enjoy each and every meal being served to you and cleaned up for you! That was my favorite part! You're almost in that van. Hang in there!!

Heather L. said...

I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL time and I can't wait to hear all about it!