Monday, October 18, 2010

Resources for Learning

Recently I ran across a most useful website to supplement our learning at home. neoK12 is a collection on useful online videos, educational games and images. There is even an area where the student can create a report similar to a power point with all of the information right there on one site. Thus far, I've been impressed with the content and the amount of time saved since I no longer have to search the web for appropriate material.

It's great when one is learning about seeds, another about India, and another about light, I can point them to this site to explore and see for themselves. Besides that, I can "reward" a certain young man for his reading with a few short clips about asteroids. What could be better?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Living Life

I think this is my longest stint without blogging. I often have ideas for posts, but no time or energy for the follow through. Life has been full and good. Here's a glimpse of our typical week.

While Lydia takes a Classical Conversations Class (composition, logic, government), the rest of us head to the library to complete school. Why is it that school goes so much smoother when we aren't at home?

I love teaching this boy how to read.

Timz Attack has revolutionized multiplication at this house!

Tuesday: John, Rebekah and I go to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in the morning and then everyone is off to a Homeschool Gym and Swim Class and then to an after school art class.
Wednesday: Home day. I usually work in the late afternoon at the hospital.
John keeping busy while we have school.
Thursday: Homeschool Group. I'm teaching this semester a class about the body to the first and second grade classes. Love it! I hope to post my lesson plans soon. Lydia has violin/strings in the afternoon.
Friday: Home Day. I might work or Sean and I try to go on a date.
We went to see my lifelong friend, Carrie, as Miss Hanagan in Civic Theater's Annie. She was MUCH meaner on stage.

Add into this mix Sean's travel,

Hannah's volleyball schedule,

field trips,
We took an overnight trip to Spring Mill State Park and the working pioneer village there.

Anderson's Orchard. The tradition is that whoever is small enough to fit on my lap gets to "drive" the car through the orchard. Always a highlight.

and various other things that come up...

Walk for Kaz. A fund-raising event that provided 100 beds to the orphans of Kazakhstan.

Me and my beautiful sister, Barbara. We joined Hannah's choir and saw the Broadway production on Mary Poppins.

After all of that now I don't feel so bad about not blogging.