Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wrapping it up

Well, I'm far behind on posting all the events of the past week. I've been enjoying myself far too much to sit down at the computer and write it all out. Tonight is our last night here in our Florida home.

The children are ready to be back in Indiana. They have been crying (literally) for their friends and for familiar places. Tonight one of them asked, "Would it be impossible to get home in one day? We should try." It's not technically impossible, but probably a bit unwise. I don't think John and Rebekah would appreciate 19 hours in a car seat in that amount of time.

I am so grateful to the Lord for providing this time for our family. We have never been away on vacation with the sole intent of relaxing and being refreshed. It's been good to be together.
There has always been an infant or a pregnant mommy in the mix up until this point. Of course, this restricted much of our activity. But now, though our children are still young, we are able to move about more freely and expand our horizons a bit. It has been such a blessing to grow closer and to have the time to take in all there there is to learn and see here on the Space Coast.

In some ways I'm sad to see it end. I've gotten used to a slower paced and lower commitment life. Not being surrounded by all of the "stuff" that nine people have sure does free up time for the house keeper:) I've loved taking walks on the beach in the morning and evening and just getting to be outdoors so much more. At home, I tend to be inside working most of the time.

I've treasured moments alone with each of the children individually- talking, laughing, reading, sharing, crying, playing.... I didn't know it, but I needed to reconnect with them. I love them.

And what a wonderful time it has been to have Sean 24/7- from the school year busyness of May to an uninterrupted schedule to focus on each other. I grow from just being around him. I grow in my knowledge of this world. I grow in my focus on the Lord. I grow in my love for others. Sean renews me.


Mike S said...

Monica, I have SO enjoyed reading your blog - especially about your month in Florida. But that last paragraph of "Wrapping It Up" REALLY caused me to smile for you! God is so good.

Monica said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Every family needs this refreshment, especially large families. Thank you for sharing.

mom24 said...

What an amazing trip! So glad that you could enjoy an opportunity like this. Glad you shared the experience!