Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Eyes

Today I took Betsy to pick up her first pair of glasses. I remember very well the day I got my glasses in third grade. Such a range of emotions surrounded this permanent change in my young life.

Elizabeth was precious examining herself in the mirror and unable to keep from smiling. She could hardly wait to show the family.

On the way home and I remembered something that my mom gave me several years back. It is a typed page written by her that describes the day that she took me for my glasses. It is such a blessing to have this record of that day. More importantly, I cherish this insight into her thoughts as a young mother. In a sense, it's like reading my mom's blog. I hope that my children find my words in the years to come as a window into my heart for them.

Look Mom New Eyes

We had just drove our car to the optometrist office for our daughter's first pair of glasses and the excitement was overwhelming. This was the day she had been waiting for. All the questions came pouring out. "Will the kids still like me? Will I still be pretty to you and Dad?" How thankful we are that she had shared all these fears with us. We reassured her that she was the same beautiful wide eyed child we had always loved.

Our name was finally called out by the receptionist and she sprang out of her chair. The doctor placed the new glasses on her head and she turned to the mirror and shed that same beautiful smile we had always seen (except for a few teeth missing). It was the same old Monica. All the fears were gone. It seems children always look so studious and wise when they wear glasses. She seemed like a miniature grown up as she listened intently on how to care and clean her new "eyes". The doctor explained that if she complained of any blurry or fuzzy vision to call. So out we went into her new world. The doctor said that she had never seen bricks on buildings or leaves on trees. So it was a new world for her.

I reminded her of what the doctor had said and that I could not look through her eyes, but only she could tell me if the world seemed blurry. I had to smile as she promptly corrected me. "Oh, mommy, someone else can see through my eyes." I dumbly asked, "Who?" She said, "God sees through my eyes."
What real insight children seem to possess. As a mom who loves all her children and tries to shelter them from this world when I'm able, I needed to be reminded that God is in this child. And in this case He is helping her to see the world through His prospective. Isn't God good to His children?

We arrived home to find Joseph riding his bike on two wheels and solo for the first time. Do we all have to grow up in one day? Give this mom's heart a break!


Sniz said...

What sweet, sweet kids, Monica. You and Sean are sooo blessed, but then you already knew that! :-) And your kids are blessed beyond measure that YOU are their mom!!! God is so generous and wonderful!

Love ya! Sniz

Catherine said...

Betsy looks so grown up with glasses! I remember the day I got glasses at the end of third grade, I put them on and was amazed that I could see the leaves on the trees!

reprehriestless warillever said...

Your mother's words are a precious treasure. Someday (always "someday" isn't it?) I will print out the blog for my children so that they might have a glimpse into how much we *enjoyed* their childhoods.

They are really growing up. Wow.

Duckygirl said...

She looks beautiful! The letter from your mom is such a treasure. Sounds like you are a lot like her :)


eally said...

Betsy looks absolutely adorable with her glasses!! Dakota received his first pair just before his 4th birthday - he has double vision and is just about blind without them - so when he got his glasses a whole new world opened up for him. He hasn't taken them off since! LOL

That letter from your mother was beautiful - what a treasure to have!

mindi said...

She is beautiful - and looks so grown up!! You are raising some amazing children Monica.

jennie said...

She is so cute. Edy will be asking me when she gets glasses so she can be like Betsy!

Saralyn said...

She looks very scholarly and sweet. A perfect homeschool child!

I don't remember a day without glasses--I got mine in first grade. We haven't adorned any of ours yet, but I'm sure the day will come.

Kevin & Amy said...

She's beautiful. Love the new look! I also remember being able to see leaves and seeing through store windows as we were driving and noticing the detail of all the merchandise.