Monday, October 6, 2008

Frugal Room Makeover

The older girls are a bit weary of their bright room and have been asking for a makeover. Currently it is a very cute with about every color in the rainbow present.

Now they are wanting a something a bit more grown up. Secretly I'm happy because I want to use their room as a guest room and this look might be more pleasing to the eyes of our guests.

I told them to pick out a color scheme they both love. They've chosen the ever trendy blue and brown. I think if they get tired of the blue that it will be easier next time to make a change.

So now I'm bargain shopping. So far we have curtains for $8 and and four flat sheets for $2 each. I plan to make duvet covers out of these for their existing comforters. We also have great plans to adorn these curtains. If possible, I'd like to spend less than $50. There's still paint, pillows, bed skirts and accessories to be made/purchased.

It's been fun planning and looking around for ideas. We are going to make the switch on our winter break.

How have you saved money when redecorating? I'd love to here of any ideas or resources you may have!


Shannon B. said...

Hey Monica,
I have found a lot of really good clearance home items at target lately. They have all the dorm room things marked down...but you might not have much of that left since there are a lot of colleges in your area compared to where i live.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I have those colors right now and it isn't really working for me, so maybe I'll have some things to pass on to you one of these days! :)

My best decorating friend is a can of spray paint. :) You can make ANYTHING cool! I used sheets of scrapbook paper and decoupaged them on the top of Shelby's dresser and it looks so cute and cost about $2. I've put them in frames, too.

shay said...

Wow. Great colour choices on your girl's part! Very fashion foward:)

I am not the best decorator but my mom is fantastic and always helps me. She is great at looking at what we already have and seeing how we can use it. Frame a piece of fabric, paint old furnature, group things in a new way. Things like that.
Good luck and post pictures as you go!

Tara said...

I don't have any ideas, but I'll be checking in after we move and I have FIVE bedrooms to decorate!

Saralyn said...

TJ Maxx always has interesting things on clearance--things for walls or pillows or lamps. And there's always the thrift store or Craigs List!