Monday, April 6, 2009

Ever so often I check my account with Statcounter and get a chuckle out of the ways and means by which people find this blog. According to the stats my most frequented posts relate to objects in kids' noses, wedding Scripture reading and our laundry room.

Here are some of the recent searches made:

altoid in kid's nose

white thing hanging out of kid's nose

her finger stuck in nose visit to ER

how to get a pea out of a baby's nose

toilet paper stuck in nose

weird thing in kid's nose

eraser stuck in nose

blowing nose so hard circulation cut off in hands

child has put playdoh up their nose

pea growing out of nose


Heather L. said...


Tara said...

At least you have a theme!

Tisha said...


Michelle said...

Very funny!!!

Goins Gang said...

You should write a book! :)
It would be a comedy!
It's good to find your blog!
I enjoy seeing th pictures of your kids--although it makes me feel quite old!
Love ya!

Angie said...

So this made me roll on the florr laughing! Why can't kids just stick to their fingers???

eally said...

Oh my heart, this is hilarious!! I too find it comical to check my bloglog and see how people find my blog too...some of the things people type into google are "strange" to say the least!!