Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nothing momentous going on here. No big plans or projects in the works. Not much of anything new to report. But, life is full and God is faithfully leading us through each moment of every day. Here's some recent glimpses of His care and blessings-

Four little arms around my neck in the morning and sweet lips taking turns kissing me. "My mommy." "No, my mommy...." There's no better way to wake up.

A heartfelt talk with Hannah about expectations and miscommunications which ended in a long hug.

Excitement and jumping in the kitchen when Lydia learned that she will be going to 4-H camp this summer.

Elizabeth taking on the role of resident nurse. She bought her own first aid kit at the dollar store and has been treating wounds ever since. Her face just shines when she can help others.

Joseph learning to read and is so proud of himself. I'm proud, too.

Miriam crocheting up a storm. Last week she finished a scarf and wore it everywhere even though it was in the 60s. This week she made a draw string bag to hold her yarn while she crochets another draw string bag. Very cute.

Sean wrapping up the school year, which equates to not sleeping much. He completed his last contracted writing assignment. His last traveling engagement is to D.C. is this week. I love to watch him flourish at what God has called him to be and do. The Indiana State Superintendent of Schools came to his classroom for a chat on Monday.

And me? Reading some challenging books, considering switching out the winter/summer clothes and pushing through our last few weeks of school. But most of all, being content. Really, really content.


Heather L. said...

I'm so excited about Miriam's crocheting -- she's doing such a great job! It's fun to see kids get excited and do something on their own.

JenniferLayne said...

I simply LOVE the moments when contentedness reigns supreme. :)

Duckygirl said...

That's a lot of really cool stuff going on!! Your family all sounds so neat :)


Anonymous said...

Monica, This is a wonderful post. How precious. Mary Brooke