Monday, June 29, 2009

The Circle of Life

Last weekend we had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for our baby sister, Vanessa. Did we ever have fun!

Our oldest sister, Lucinda, truly has a gift for all things crafty, frugal and delicious. Most all of the decorations were from items already owned, borrowed or made by her own hands. Amazing.

The nursery has a jungle theme because Vanessa's favorite childhood toy was a little tiger crocheted by our grandma. The tears really flowed when our mom's gift contained that very tiger. Vanessa thought it had disappeared forever. It was so loved that it no longer has any appendages.

My contribution was a turtle cheese ball. Isn't he cute?

Barb made the zebra brownies that taste just like our great grandma's recipe.

We opted for fruit pies instead of the traditional cake.

The guests contributed some art work for the baby's room. Vanessa water colored the backgrounds and each person added their own special touch. I'm saving this for another post.

Animal babies frozen in ice. Can you guess when yours will be born?

The girls. With this baby the grandchildren will number 15. 7 girls. 8 boys. I never dreamed we'd be out numbered.


Angie said...

I totally can't believe Vanessa is going to be a momma! Congrats to her! The baby shower looks fantastic...such a cute cheese ball!

Tisha said...

It is a very cute cheese ball. Such creativity in your family...

Heather L. said...

So many great ideas! It looks like a wonderful time!

Monica said...

The turtle cheese ball is so cute. Great job!
By the way, you look great! Green is a good color for you:)

Tara said...

Now that is a fun theme idea! Love it!