Saturday, November 16, 2013


I remember distinctly a few years ago really struggling with letting other people invest in my children. We have always been surrounded with loving grandparents and supportive family, so I always felt that we had just the perfect situation.

Perhaps it had to do with being a home school family for 13 years before really branching out and sending the children out "on their own". (I'm using that term loosely.) We definitely were not the homeschoolers that never went out or denied our kids opportunities. Our kids have always been active outside the home, but I always cringed just a bit inside when one of the kids made a new "best" friend or became involved in an activity outside of my reach.

Writing that down makes me sound ridiculous, I realize, but truly for such a long time their world was my world and vice versa. That was our reality. But, as it must be, they've grown. Now it seems I have to schedule a time with my highschoolers to "hang out" with them. It's been a series of letting go little by little and really trusting in God to be their guide and teaching me to remain consistent and not to allow my insecurities to micromanage them.

The other night, one of our daughters, Hannah, was desperate to talk with me after school. She retold of how the mom of her best friend  had called her into the at school (she works there) and through tears apologized. This is a family that welcomes Hannah to their dinner table several times a month, has her over to study and takes her on family outings. The entire family has expressed such genuine hospitality and love towards her. She had been over to their house a few weeks ago and witnessed a conflict that had occurred in the family. Nothing terrible, just one of those moments that we all have when we are trying to get out the door on time. It happens that our daughter since that particular night has been very busy and not been around them much.

This dear mom was convicted by the whole situation and was concerned that Hannah's absence was because of this scene (which she barely remembers by the way). She had prayed about it and wrestled with it and out of love for our daughter felt the need to confess and set things right. With tears she confessed all of this and asked for forgiveness. What an impacting moment, one that she will never forget.

Wow. What a blessing to know that Hannah has a woman such as this to look to. What a confirmation to me that God is using others to affect her and teach her about relationships outside our immediate family. I see the Lord's goodness and realize that I can loosen my grip a bit more. He's got her.