Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


      Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year. There's nothing better than gathering together with friends and family for the sole purpose of gratitude. I love looking back over the year, seeing the faces around the table and realizing all of the experiences and journeys each person has taken since we had last sat down at the Thanksgiving meal. Some changes are obvious while other are internal. There is no guarantee that each story is "happy", with a perfect ending, but there's no doubt that God is at work in each life and the footprints of his faithfulness can be realized. 

 Happy thanksgiving to all! Here's a few snapshots of our various 2013 festivities. Get ready for picture overload.

According to Lydia, "Pie is art."

The fruit of our labor

Oldest and Youngest. The bestest of friends.

Lydia and Joseph

My baby girl, Rebekah.

Oh, my.
Youngest girls and friends:)

Getting ready for the Turkey Shoot

Cousins. Just a slight family resemblance.

Black Friday window shopping

Aunt Julie and Levi

Barbara adoring the noodles
Cousins. Wow.

V and Chris

Doing the post dinner dance

Betty Gobble sporting the boa.

Egg Launch success

Vanessa, like the guard in the wizard of Oz:)

I think this about sums us up

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