Sunday, September 2, 2007


Summer is over. (sigh) It always goes too fast. We are trying to find our routine again and settle into the fact that Dad is back at work. No more late night movies or reading , sleeping in until 8am, trips to anticipate, afternoon swimming.... Oh, it was so good.

We're starting our third week of school and I really feel that this is going to be a good one. It has been hard to homeschool at times being pregnant or caring for a newborn (which has been every year thus far). Homeshooling moms don't get maternity leave. It is nice to be able to give the kids my full attention (okay, maybe not "full") in this area. We have the first 8 weeks organized, which for me is a major feat in itself, and we are moving right along.

I read a book last year about how children learn and gave some of the girls the test that was included. I also took the test and we compared our answers. Sadly, I was very off in several areas and realized that some of their frustration had to do with the method in which the material was given. It was an eye opener. I have a strong desire to understand how each of my children learn and to really appreciate their God given differences and abilities.

Last week while I was lamenting the end of summer, my second daughter, Lydia (butterfly girl above) continually brought joy to our house with her imagination and creativity. This is a child who is never lacking for something to do. If she needs something and doesn't have it, she'll make it. She is ultra resourceful, visionary and thinks outside the box on just about everything. She has the energy and the work ethic to see her ideas take form and be completed. She is artistic and enjoys bringing others into her imaginary worlds so that they can have fun too. She has patience in directing the younger children and gives them responsibility and praise.

Lydia reminded me that with the change of season comes a time where we can be together in different, but equally rewarding, ways. Learning and boundaries do waken in children the desire to explore and express. I am blessed to be a witness to all these things.

Here are some of her most recent productions and costumes. Enjoy.

Mr. Incredible and SuperGirl to the rescue!!

Robin Hood and Little
John walking through the forest....

Maiden Marian looks on in admiration.

An original Pooh Bear production where we saw what Tiggers do best as he bounced Piglet.

The wild creatures (bat, spider, chipmunk, beaver) at the Children's Museum strike a pose!!


Cindy said...

I love those photos! I wish I'd taken more pictures of all the creations and dramas and characters my girls did. It has slowed down now. :( Although Anniken Skywalker still makes an appearance now and then.

Jen said...

Wow. I love your children :) Those are precious memories.
Way to go on recognizing that individuals have individual learning styles. I am sure it is a big and sometimes overwhelming task to meet those needs.

DidiLyn said...

Truly adorable and imaginative children!