Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Boy

I remember the day of Joseph's birth like it was yesterday. Sean was on Spring Break. The weather was windy and record warm temperatures. We walked and walked and walked until my feet were swollen and I was sun burnt. It felt good to be outside after a long winter.

My water broke on April Fool's day, but unbelievably no baby came that day. One would think that baby #5 wouldn't be so slow about things. I guess the joke was on me.

On April 2, 2003 I went in to be induced. My family stayed by my bedside most of the day and we enjoyed talking and laughing. We did not know what we were having. Since we already had 4 girls we frankly expected the same. That was okay by us. We love our girls.

Around 4:30 pm our first son was born into this world. He weighed in at 10 pounds 1 ounce. I'll never forget the look on Sean's face when he announced, "Monica, it's a boy!" The tears flowed freely. Out in the waiting room he announced the big news and I could hear the cheers erupt. Everyone we told in the coming days would have the same reaction-sheer joy.

Joseph Niqqayon Bird. Our son. The only one with brown hair and brown eyes like his mom. But he is in many more ways like his dad. Never met a stranger. A thinker and a builder. Always asking questions. Tender hearted. Finds delight in doing what is right. Gentle natured. Not afraid to show his excitement. Full of expression.

He could hardly wait for his 5th birthday. Grandma sent him a calendar to mark off the days which he has done faithfully for the past 5 weeks.

Tale Spin is his favorite cartoon so his cake had to be Balloo the airplane flying bear.

We had lunch with the cousins and then we were off to Jump and Play.

Joseph received his first "real" tool set (minus the box cutter) and Sean set up a place for him in the garage to plan his projects. He even has his own stash of wood. Looks like there is already an airplane in the works.

I can't wait to see what Joseph will learn, discover, say and build this year! Happy Birthday, little man!!


Heather L. said...

Happy Birthday to joseph! Such great pictures!

mindi said...

So sweet - he will treasure that tribute when he is older :)
Happy Birthday Joseph!

Sniz said...

I helped with the pre-schoolers yesterday and got to talk to Joseph for the first time. He truly has his own different from the girls. And you're right...he's so friendly and happy! I'm so glad he had a fun birthday!

soccer mom said...

Joseph... I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! You are an amazing little boy. Have fun with your tools.

Andrea said...

Happy B'day to your little one! I always think 5 sounds so much bigger than 4! :(

mom24 said...

Five is so much fun! He looks like a real thinker! Hey - we're on the lookout for a strong, godly husband for our head-strong 5yo girl? LOL!
Glad he had so much fun!