Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break at a glance

That's exactly what our Spring break seemed- a glance. Why does the time go so quickly when it's vacation? We originally planned to do lots of Spring things- make spring rolls, go to Spring Mill State Park or to the Springfield Illinois Abraham Lincoln museum. Maybe next year.

The week started with sick Betsy and her 104 degree fever. She spent the first few days on the couch mostly asleep. Poor little girl.

We did ,however, manage to have a lot of fun regardless. Want to see?

The kids set up a campground in the back yard complete with a stocked pond for fishing. It's so good to see green again. They played like this for hours.

I went to a freezer cooking party with some friends and walked away with some great meals. So no cooking for me this Spring Break!!

There were many hours spent playing Blokus and Sean's new favorite game Equate. It's Scrabble with numbers. I lost miserably but had fun.

Of course we had to do some Spring cleaning. I wish there were words to describe the area under my stove and fridge. I think that if a tornado would have come through here that these two appliances would've stayed fixed in their spots. Need I say more?

Slaves know no age in this house.

My girls learn quickly that it's best just to stay in your pajamas to clean.

Sorting through winter clothes. How they have grown!

Sean cleaned the windows. See the difference?

After moving this heavy piece of furniture and cleaning under it, we caught baby John returning the balls to their rightful place.

Aunt Vanessa took some of the girls to the Art Museum for the day. They couldn't stop talking about what a great time it was.

We said good-bye for now to our friend, Heather. She stopped by briefly on her way to Florida to bring us some cinnamon rolls. That's just like her. She will be working at ECHO as an intern for the next few years. (pictures to come).

Also, this was our last week of homeschool co-op classes. Lydia and Savannah gave their presentation on Indians complete with buffalo stew and sweet potato fry bread. (pictures to come).

Sean spent eight or more hours standing in a field watching his student launch rockets in hopes of qualifying for the TARC finals. (More pictures will go here, too.)He also chaperoned a lock in on Friday night and did not sleep a wink.

I got in 30 hours at work as well.

Whew!! I think we need a break from our Spring Break!!


Heather L. said...

Wow! It sounds like you got a lot in on Spring Break! That's terrfic! It was fun to see all the pictures. That game Equate looks very interesting -- I can see how math people would like it! I think I'll stick to scrabble. :0

shay said...

Wow awesome Spring break!

SarahR said...

I love scrabble, but would probably stink at equate. Of course it would be a math teacher's favorite game. :)

I'm glad you were able to get a lot done!

mindi said...

GREAT spring break. I didn't get one :( Maybe next year!!
Spring Mill is awesome, I want to take the kids there again. It is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a blessing! It is so obvious your love and dependence on the Lord, and I thank God that you are encouraging women, wives, and mothers with your words through this! Please keep writing!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH poor Betsy...hope she is doing better now.

I LOVE math, so I will have to try that game.