Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frugal $400 April Final

For those of you who may not know, I have challenged myself to spending only $400 per month on household and grocery items in 2008. I must say that though I'm getting better at planning and using coupons, the economy is not making this any easier. Prices at the stores are on the rise, my friends. I noticed that the usually $2.00 large container of yogurt was $2.85 this week!! I'm seeing (as I'm sure you are) little increases here and there which could add up quickly.

These were my totals for April:

Spent: $409.78 Total Savings: $373.15 Coupon Savings: $101.94

As far as reaching my other goals for March, I did this fairly well. Had the garage sale. Freezer cooked with Barbara (it's all gone now). However, we ate out a lot more than usual. Chinese, Mexican, Fazoli's, Pizza. And we did this without coupons as I had promised myself. This has got to stop, I say.

Some of you think that I have some sort of Super Powers that allow me to save money. This simply is not so. On Bloglines I have three sites listed that I use exclusively for finding deals. There are a million more than these, but I simply do not have the time to read them. From these blogs I get a good picture of what's going on at the major chain grocery stores and CVS. They also have great links to internet deals. This month I was able buy some very nice makeup on clearance for a $1 and received a $10 off $25 coupon from Lowe's.

You should check these blogs out if you have not already: Money Saving Mom, Thrifty Florida Mama, and The Bargain Shopper Lady.

I've finally figured out a system to shop CVS in which I can keep it all straight and even do the math with my seven children in tow. I'm hoping to have that post up shortly.

I know to some that it seems like frugal shopping comes naturally. I won't lie. It is work.

Sometimes I wish that I could just walk into a store and buy anything off the shelf not even looking at the price. But since that's not an option, I'll continue to be as resourceful as possible and apply myself to learning from those with far more experience.


Heather L. said...

You did a great job this month!! I have that same fantasy too -- of grabbing whatever I want off an expensive supermarket's shelf! :) Did you see the details on getting a free book for each child at Barnes and Noble? I think they have to read 5 or 7 books of their choosing to get one. I can send you details if you need it.

Tisha said...

You continue to amaze me! I think you do have mom super powers.:) I take 3 to run errands and after we are done I think it would be best if I drive to St. Vincents and check myself into the stress center! You are a wonderful mother and frugal shopper, keep up the good work.

Sniz said...

Girl, you are an inspiration!!!

TTYS - Sniz

Tara said...

I was thinking last night of spending $500 this month on groceries and household stuffs for our family of 6. Including diapers/wipes for one and a half kids. I think if you are able to do this on $400 for a huge family I'll give it a go on $500! (We don't have CVS or I'm sure I could manage on less!)

mindi said...

Wow - your savings are amazing. I just can't find the time to breathe, let alone be too frugal, but I'm trying. I'll learn from you :)

Andrea said...

What a great month for you!! I had a $400/month too for our family of 5 (with one on formula nad in diapers). But, I'm reducing to $75/week. It's great to have a stockpile and use CVS to help get some really cheap or FREE, isn't it! Good luck next month!