Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teacher let the monkeys out

"School's out. School's out. Teacher let the monkeys out."

Well these monkeys are officially free. WE FINISHED SCHOOL!!!!!!

Our girls have worked hard this year and learned a lot, as have I. One hundred and eighty days is a lot of times to "get your books out" and find a pencil. It is a lot of pep talks and drying tears. It is a lot of accomplishments and assignments. It is a lot of doing the same thing again and again. This teacher is ready for a break.

I am so proud of each of my students. Hannah has proven herself to be an independent learner this year. With her schedule in hand she worked diligently at least four hours a day completing all her assignments. Her math facts seemed to have settled in her fifth grade brain so that recall is quick and she was able to move ahead easily. She's spent hours researching and writing in her history timeline notebook. It's been a joy to teach her (watch her teach herself). I feel now the years going too quickly and soon she will be off to school with her dad. It's hard to believe.

Lydia has been a shining star this school year. Her attitude has been delightful as she has worked hard and matured. When things have gotten difficult instead of shutting down, she has stepped up. That is my Lydia!! This year she read more books on her own than ever before and read some of her favorites (books about beagles and vets) multiple times. She's a winner at math coming up with her own methods to remember facts. I don't quite understand them, but she has it all figured out. She's taught herself to type with great accuracy and continues to come up with creative ways to decorate all of her school work. I love this girl!

Miriam has been the early bird. She has taken second grade by storm waking up early and oftentimes completing her work before I've even had breakfast! "No problem, Mom!" We've had so much fun cuddling on the couch and reading aloud to one another. And since she's become a fluent reader she has begun to take piano lessons and loves to practice.

Elizabeth will tell anyone that she doesn't "do" school. Every first grade workbook I have handed to her she completes without difficulty and asks for more. "Is this all?" she'll ask. She is constantly copying text, sounding out words and creating something in the dramatic vein. She has learned to count money, add and subtract and play the piano just from watching. Betsy is a sponge. I'm beginning to finally see the benefits of homeschooling at different levels. Though I haven't intentionally taught her many of these things, she has learned. I look forward to some lazy summer afternoons where we can sit in the shade and read through some books together.

It's been the best year of homeschooling yet. Thanks kids!!

Now this teacher has turned her attention to janitorial issues. I've opened up a few closets and moved a few beds that have been neglected since ? It's not pretty. But I'm determined to get it together before we leave in 14 DAYS!!!


Heather L. said...

Yeah for school being out!! I can't wait! How encouraging to have had such a good year of school!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You did a great job teaching, Monica. Your kids are so incredibly blessed to witness a mom who sticks with it even when things get more difficult.

14 days!! WOW!! (Tell me if you want our car top carrier!)

Tisha said...

YEAH!!! You are done and now you can focus on the fun stuff... FLORIDA! 14 days is going to come SO fast. Let me know if you need help. :)

Saralyn said...

Way to go! It must feel great to be done half way through May. We're quickly running out of curriculum but technically have about 20 days to go.

Anonymous said...

SOOO Cute!

mom24 said...

Yay! So glad that you had a great year - encouragement to me that it can get better and better!
Wish we were done too but alas - 4 more weeks...*sigh*

Have a GREAT trip -take lots of pics!

Michelle said...

Congrats, Monica!!!! Our last day is tomorrow and the boys are SOOOOOO excited!!! Thanks for sharing your children's strengths. What a tender mom you you are!!!

Tara said...

Okay, blogger didn't want my comment. I'll try again.

Good job, Teacher Mommy!

I'll be intentionally hs-ing our almost 5 and 3 1/2 year old some pre-k stuff in the fall. What would you recommend for a good solid investment? I'll hs preK for three kids so I don't mind spending a little now since I'll be doing this for the next three or four years!

Thanks to the pro from the novice!

(My original comment was much better written, but alas, got lost in the blogger system. Boo hoo.)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YIPPEE! Schools out! Sounds like agreat year with everyone. Nice summary of it - it'll be fun to do that each year :)

Have a great time preparing for vacation!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing how each child is different and how they each excelled in their unique way.
I also love how the younger children learn without even being taught because they hear the teaching to the older.