Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're here!

After about 19 hours of driving, 4 meals stops, 7 hours at a hotel, and 8 restroom stops (one of those being in the great outdoors) we are finally here!! We were astonished when we walked into our new "home" to find it quite roomy and beautiful. It has more than met our expectations. It is a breath of fresh air for me to walk into a beautiful home as this and not have to think about my normal routine and managing our "stuff".

Want a tour?

The front room is very spacious and inviting. Two couches and a recliner.

Looking into the kitchen from the bar. Behind the kitchen is a dining room that seats eight.

The boy's room.

The big girls' room

The loft with bunk beds and a pull out couch and a sleepy Rebekah.


I love the small details and decorations about this place. Very Florida and very classy.

The loft also has a place to play games. Love the Disney sketches on the wall here.

And just steps away is the big, blue Atlantic Ocean.

My favorite room of all? The jacuzzi tub:) A nice addition to the master suite.

Sean headed off with the older five kids to Kennedy Space Center for the day. They will have lunch with an astronaut and will be experiencing the Space Shuttle Launch.

I've had a relaxing time here with John and Rebekah. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, ate lunch, blew bubbles, took naps and played Polly Pockets and Memory. It's been a long time since I've had a day alone with two preschoolers. I often miss (or don't take) these kind of opportunities to be with them. It's been fun for this mommy. Later we will get on the swim gear and walk down to the beach to watch the Space Shuttle launch and build our Polly Pockets a sandcastle.


jennie said...

So glad you all arrived safely and with little hassle. The house is beautiful! Miss you guys. Get lots of rest and relaxation in that tub!

Duckygirl said...

Good to hear you arrived safely! The house looks beautiful. Sounds like you guys are in for some great times!!!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I'm so thrilled for you I could actually cry! :)

Tisha said...

Monica... it is perfect! I am so happy for you. The tub would be my favorite place too. :)

mom24 said...

19 hours of driving with 7 kids??!! Oy! Good thing it's such a nice place! I can almost smell the ocean air from here!Sooo jealous as I sit here planning the next 3 weeks until Heritage Academy is finished... :-(
Looks like a really nice place! Have lots of fun!

Saralyn said...

Looks lovely! Hope you have a delightful time away.

Cindy said...

Glad to hear that all is well and the fun has already been had in just a few days. Wow,just think you guys get to have a whole month of adventures!
Your big sis-

elev8 said...

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