Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The remnants of hurricane traveled all the way to Indiana and made for some pretty interesting weather Sunday afternoon. High winds caused several trees to be broken at the base. Our neighbor's tree nearly hit their front door. Going over to assess the damage, Joseph was full of ideas for our neighbor's use of the wood:

"I know. Could you cut the wood? Cut it really skinny and then make it smooth. Then I could make a skateboard with the wood. Could you do that for me? Oh, PLEASE...."

"Or you could play hide and seek in the tree. Hide in the branches and leaves."

"Maybe you could climb the tree and not fall down."

That mind never stops turning.

Rebekah (3) came to our bed early this morning with this tale.

Mommy. I want you. I tad a tad dream.

What happened?

A worm. Two worms. (Holds up 2 cute fingers.) Big worms uptairs. Daddy dead one.

Where did the other one go?

Daddy dead the green one. The white one in baby John's bed. I scared.

Hop on over to Mary's to read what other kids are saying and get ready to smile.


Tisha said...

That is so cute!!!

On a side note, I didn't know that you have an in with the Secretary of State! I will keep that in mind. :) I wish they did house calls... I really don't want to go back down there again...ha!

Have fun doing your Bible study. I am hoping to start tonight.

mom24 said...

Awww - these are so cute! Don't you wish you could record every single one of these precious words?

Tara said...

We had a tree plop down in the middle of our road about a month or so ago. Aidan (4) DID climb the tree and had a grand ol' time doing so! I think the picture of the surprise attack of the tree is in my husbands' blog kluth2jim dot blogspot etc.

They also all helped us load it in the trailer, cut it down to usable sized logs and unload it in the barn.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

So adorable. I can "hear" that three year old voice!

Hope the weather is calmer this week!