Friday, March 6, 2009

Homeschool Links

I've never relied heavily on the computer as a core component of teaching homeschool, but I have found some great resources lately that have been encouraging to us all. It's great to have a tangible reward to give when the kids complete their work but still need to spend sometime in the learning mode. And it's also inspirational for me to have new ideas and resources at my fingertips to keep things interesting around here. This year has gone so fast. We have will start our last nine weeks on Monday!

Multiplication Games (there will be a day when we don't have to practice these, right?)

Learning to Read Games

Freebie of the Day (a new free download every day from a range of topics- this site is great for providing extra activities for the various national holidays that I've missed in the past)

Reading Assessments (I'm using this to encourage my students to know that they are good readers. They should be proud. I am.)

Music Note Flashcard (The cartoon teacher is a little odd, but the cards work:)

Learn to Type Games

Netflix - We watch instant online movies. This continues to be my favorite when needing to generate a little more interest about a subject. Just last week we were all mezmerized by The Blue Planet after studying about the ocean. I never would have been organized enough to send away for the movie, but with Netlix it's just a click away.

Do you use the internet as a resource in your homeschool? If so, what are some of your favorite sites?

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Saralyn said...

Love the math games, thanks!