Friday, March 27, 2009

Reality Check

It's been getting harder and harder to engage the brain for homeschooling these days. Spring has a tendency to do that at our house. We've plugged away all year and I'd really like to end on a strong note. Today we sat down with all the books and wrote a plan as to how school is going to be completed in the next six weeks for each student. After explaining what needed to be done, I made them sign the page just so that we are all in agreement.

Not surprisingly, this little exercise resulted in a deep conversation and a puddle of tears by mom and girl alike. When we finally came to the bottom of it, my daughter had the courage to say that she felt embarrassed and weak in a particular academic area. She has been asking fewer and fewer questions recently because she is overwhelmed by what she thinks she should know and does not. She lacks confidence because it was never taught.

What can I say? I about melted myself holding my sobbing girl and wanting back the time and opportunities that are now gone. I had just given her a whole big spiel about not talking negatively to herself or allowing her feelings to cloud out what is good and true. "There is always going to be something to learn. You are never going to know everything. You have amazing God given gifts and talents. Some things are going to be harder, but you'll learn. You'll only know as much as the questions you are willing to ask."

If only I would take my own advice.

Homeschooling is hard. No corrupt system to blame. No other students who are moving too fast or too slow. No annoying teacher who just doesn't understand my kid. No excuses for too much homework or not enough time.

So, I'm praying. Asking God to give His grace to this teacher to empower my children not only to learn, but to know....


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Some situtations just aren't covered in those planbooks, guidebooks, and lessons. *sigh

Thank goodness for a BIG GOD!

Hope your last 6 weeks go smoothly and build confidence where it has been falling! For you and for students!

Saralyn said...

Uh, huh. Us too.

mom24 said...

Aren't life lessons the hardest though?? I pray God will continue to equip you.....

Brooke said...

Don't feel guilty. The art of homeschooling comes in recognizing it is a work in progress. At least you were able to identify the problem and can now take actions together to cover the skills. Praying for wisdom and grace to get through the next 6 weeks :)