Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Boy


All day long I've been hugging you extra hard and kissing your soft little cheeks as much as humanly possible. I'm filled with thankfulness for having loved and known you another year. I can't believe that tomorrow you will turn three! You've grown in so many ways this past year.

I know that you will remember this part of your life through pictures and the stories your brother and sisters will share with you. But just for the record, this is how I'll remember you as a two year old.

- You are notorious for finding your way into other people's beds at night. You find the warmest, coziest spot and then spread out. Many a cricked neck and sore arm have resulted. Secretly, we all love it.

- You love to hug and kiss. You often stop while walking by to squeeze my leg and say, "Love you, mommy." Whenever you accidentally hurt someone, you nearly assault them with kisses!

- You are currently obsessed with pennies. You found a box of them that Grandma brought over and now they are spread about the house. We can hear you coming from a distance because you jingle with about a hundred of them in your pockets. We can also hear your cries of distress when you drop them on the floor.

- You're a funny guy. You tell your own version of jokes and crack yourself up!

- Your favorite toy is a tiny stuffed duck that you affectionately call, "Dee Dee." You also love rockets. You count down from five and blast all over the house while running in circles and spraying spit everywhere.

- You've learned to sit quietly in church this year and even pray when asked before a meal.

John, God surely gave us a most precious gift when He made you. I'm sorry I'm going to be such a sap every year when it's your birthday. It's not because I think you are a baby, but because I am so overwhelmed at what a privilege it is to be a mom to such children. As you grow, a chapter is closed in our family while many more are still being written.

Goodnight, sweet baby. Happy Birthday.



Margaret said...

That is adorable, Happy Birthday John!

Monica said...

That was beautiful!
What a cutie:)