Friday, July 10, 2009

Modern Day Knights

We made our way to the Chicago suburb of Shaumburg to experience a night of medieval dining and drama.

We sat in a large arena and ate while knights on horses fought bravely. It really was impressive with sparks flying as swords clashed.

We had to bring some of our favorite prince and princess costumes.

The menu: Tomato bisque, garlic bread, roasted potato, ribs, roasted chicken and pastry. Eaten with the hands, of course.

John with the king.

Our blue knight threw Betsy a rose. *blush*

This is how John spent most of the evening- standing up and cheering on the brave knights.

It was great to find an activity that all the kids enjoyed equally, but for different reasons. The older girls who had studied some medieval history saw it come to life. The ones who enjoy horses saw some amazing tricks and skills that they had only read about. The boys loved the action and fighting. And some were just in it for the costumes.

Sean and I are slowly reading through the book, Raising a Modern-Day Knight, so I had that on my mind through the performance. Perhaps God will use this memory in the lives of our sons as He they grow into manhood.


Tara said...

Our church's men's ministry did RMDK. I can check to see if I can get the worksheets/study guide for you if you'd like me to.

Brooke said...

I have always wanted to go there. It sounds like it was great for all ages- which isn't always easy to find :)

Did you stop at IKEA while you were there?