Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funny Stuff

Here's some happenings from this past week that brightened my days:

Recently the kids watched some old Popeye cartoons and thought it was hysterical when they saw his picture on a bag of spinach that I had out for salad.

After laughing like a crazy man, Joseph informed us, "You know, Popeye is both healthy and unhealthy. He's healthy because he eats spinach. He's unhealthy because he smokes. That makes no sense."

Joseph and Betsy have set up shop in our back yard trying to sell their wares. They had their first customer last night.

"Mom, mom....we made some money!"

"What did you sell?"

"Dad bought an old fork from us for $.25!"

Yes, it was a fork that had been left in the sand box all summer and has seen better days. Sean washed it up and straightened it out stating it was the best $.25 he's spent in a while. We never have enough forks around here.

And for the final act.... Elizabeth and Rebekah were told that they couldn't watch a movie and came up with something much more entertaining- an initiation of the contortionist Chinese girls that we saw at the State Fair.

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Brooke said...

Hmmmm. . . maybe I should get out some Solo cups and dowel rods? That looks like an action packed afternoon :)

AnnG said...

Good thing your husband bought that fork...you would hate to have it just sitting out in the sandbox all winter long!!

Love the contortionists!!