Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They crack me up!

What ever will they come up with next?

Betsy recently asked to wear her glasses again stating the problem as she sees it:

"Mom, I know I need glasses now. Whenever I close my one eye then open it and close my other eye, everything moves just a little bit. Just a tiny little bit."

Joseph inquired for no apparent reason:

"Dad, can a person be allergic to money?"

We went to the Henry Ford Museum where the interpreter told us a story about how Ford disliked cleaning the chicken coup so much as a child that he refused to eat chicken for the entirety of his life to which my children responded:

"That doesn't make sense, because if he would eat the chickens then there would be nothing to clean up after!"

Reviewing a sermon we heard on marriage in the van I asked the kids to each tell me one thing they heard or learned.

Joseph: "If you are married than you are perfect."

Me: "Nope, quite the opposite. Try again."

Joseph: "No one or no thing should replace God in your heart."

Those are words to live by.

And finally because we think just about everything is funny- here's a video I found that the kids had taken themselves.

This post can be found at Tiny Talk Tuesday along with lots of other reasons to smile:)


Brooke said...

I believe little Joseph may be wise beyond his 6 years! Your family should never have to spend money on entertainment as your kiddos are a wealth of giggles :)

mom24 said...

Yeah - I think I'd rather be working to get rid of the chickens than to never eat them at all! LOL! So many good ones!
Happy TTT!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Allergic to money? LOL! Cute!

Wow - Joseph is a wise little guy - great listening :)

Loved hearing a little bit of your kids giggles in the midst of the sheep.

Happy TTT!