Friday, January 8, 2010

40 years ago today

Dear Cindy,

There are few people in this world who we will know for a lifetime or be known by them. God saw fit to make us sisters and to be that for each other. From my youngest years you have been the one that I have looked to in amazement and adoration. You have always been so creative, nurturing and determined. I remember wanting to be just like you. If only my hair would go back into a ballerina bun and I could dance gracefully. If only I could pick up a simple pencil and sketch the most beautiful scene. If only I could be athletic and not give up when it was hard.

When you chose to sit by me on the bus and talk, my day was extra special. When you drove me to school in the morning or stayed and played tennis with me after practice, my heart was full. When you dressed me up and fixed my hair, I became beautiful. When you shared with me you dreams and desires, I felt accepted.

I'm sure we would both readily agree that our road hasn't always been a smooth one. We are different enough to clash in many areas. There are a lot of words I wish that I had never spoken. There are many times that I wish I could relive and to show you the respect that you deserve. But as in all things, God is good. We've both grown up in so many important ways.

I praise the Lord for making you just the way you are. Your life shines bright as a reflection of Him and everyone in your path is blessed. Hearing all of the heart felt testimonies at your birthday party made me realize all the more that you are a gift, dear sister. You are sacrificing, innovative, intentional, authentic, encouraging, humble, kind, gentle and Godly. I can't imagine the world without you here.

I am proud to be your younger sister. I am honored to call you one of my dearest friends.



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