Monday, January 18, 2010


Here's some recent funnies from the kids. I so wish that I would write them down more regularly.

Joseph on Chocolate:

"Mom, do you know I have a super power?" "Really, what is it?" "I can smell chocolate from a hundred feet away!"
(The child has a gift.)

Spoken while after basketball practice while his little friend was devouring a Hershey's bar and breathing in his face.

"Mom, my brain is telling me two things. Half my brain says to eat that chocolate. The other half says, don't eat that chocolate."

The other night at the dinner table I announced that no longer would children be using our bathroom for showers and baths. It's just a mess with toys and towels all over the place. They have their own bathroom for this.

Joseph responded nearly in tears, "This is life changing. This is life changing...."

Then I went on to ask how it is that toothpaste keeps showing up on all over the bathroom floor.

John promptly raised his hand. Stood on his booster seat and said, "I go like this with my foot (stomp). I brush my teeth."

Yep, the boy has been stepping on the toothpaste tube to get some out. That does explain a lot.

Rebekah loves to look through the book, Eat This Not That. It's full of pictures of restaurant food and information about what's a good and bad choice. I caught her in her bed flipping through the pages.

"Don't eat that. We can't have that. Not that. Not that.... Elizabeth, this book is called Eat Nothing."

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Tisha said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!!! I just love all those Bird's. :)

Margaret said...

How funny! I'm sure a lot of people agree with Elizabeth's sentiment. :)

Andrea said...

Literally LOL!!!! Our house feels like the book called "Eat Nothing" too! And don't you just love finding out how such things as toothpaste end up is such strange places?? :-)

mindi said...

ROFL!! Kids are so funny sometimes!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I am laughing out loud in Panera here on my mental health day for January. your kids are a crack up! Guess water in the toothpaste (as we had) would be normal for you all to :)

Love the "life is changing". Poor little guy.

Brooke said...

Well, John's toothpaste mess could be a problem, but it certainly shows his intelligence and resourcefulness. LOVE IT!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Reading this was THE favorite part of my day. I love you and your kids.