Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miriam!


We have had such a fun time celebrating your 10th birthday this past week. I know it must seem like daily you are having to step aside for someone younger or follow behind someone older than yourself. It was such a pleasure to have a day just for YOU. We did whatever you wanted to do, ate whatever you wanted to eat and just had the best time celebrating your special day.

Is it really true that you are now 10? How can this be that my bright eyed, fun haired girl has grown into a young lady so quickly? Oh, how I love being your mom and seeing you along every step of the way. You are a joy to my heart, Miriam, and to all who know you.

At breakfast we sat around eating pancakes and sharing about what we love about you. Here are the things that we mentioned. I wanted to write them down so that you would always be able to remember how much we adore you.

Joseph: Miriam is a good basketball player and teaches me how to dribble and guard and shoot.

Lydia: She is always open to other people's ideas and willing to try to do it their way before her way. I like that about her.

Elizabeth: Miriam always helps me and talks to me in our room at night. When I don't understand something I know that Miriam will show me. I need her.

Hannah: Miriam is almost always in a good mood. She is joyful.

John: (We couldn't really understand him, but I'm sure it was very nice:)

Rebekah: She's my big sister and I love her. She shares her room with me.

Mom: Miriam doesn't complain or act inconvenienced when asked to do something or when things seem hard. She sets her mind to it and does it with a happy heart.

Miriam, I am really excited to see all the God has in store for you in these next 10 years of growing up! What will you do? What will you achieve? What will you enjoy? How will God use your strengths and teach you through your weaknesses?

There is so much more life to be lived may you, dear daughter, live it well.

Happy Birthday, Miriam.

Loving you always,


Dianne said...

Wow! What a treasure! You never cease to amaze me, Monica, with your simple intentional love.

Andrea said...

Ten seems so big! Happy Birthday Miriam! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

Tisha said...

So sweet. What a great idea! I can't believe how much she has grown this past year. She no longer looks like a little girl. Happy Birthday Miriam!!!

Tif said...

That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

So sweet! This post makes me want to look for all of the notes and cards my mom has given me over the years. You teach me much about motherhood, Monica!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Miriam is beautiful. AND she had the best momma ever. I wish I got to be around your kids more. They are wonderful.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a beautiful record for her. What a great shot of the two of you.