Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They keep me in stitches

We were watching Little House on the Prairie and after much sweating and agonizing the neighbor lady gave birth. Ma came out and announced, "It's a boy!"

Rebekah: "How does she know if it's a boy or a girl?"

Joseph: "Well, there are two ways to know for sure. First, take off their clothes... and... you know. Or look at their hair."

Rebekah: "Oh."

What do you do with clearance Peeps? Roast them, of course.

We had a little family pow wow in the kids' bathroom trying to get to the bottom of who keeps plugging up the sink. After plunging and digging for about 15 minutes, Sean retrieved two marbles and a Clorox wipe from the pipe.

Sean: "Who knows what happened to the sink? Who knows the story?"

John (3): "There was a little boy...."

Sean: "What was his name?"

John: "Big John."

John went on to tell us all how the little boy somehow managed to stuff them all in the hole.