Thursday, July 15, 2010

I did it again

Not one of my finer moments as a mom, but I once again left one of my children and drove away. Tonight after I got off of work we went out dinner. Leaving the restaurant Rebekah told Lydia to tell me that she was going to the restroom. All the kids were paired up and walking ahead of me to the van. John was my partner so we were moving kind of slow. When I got to the van I shut the door, turned it on and drove off.

About a mile down the road there was a collective cry. "WHERE'S REBEKAH!" With screeching tires I turned that tank around picturing my little girl's devastation when she realize we were gone. Joseph's prayer was, "Lord, help Rebekah have to poop so that we get to her before she sees were gone."

We pulled up to our little red eyed Rebekah with a great big cookie in her hand standing by an employee on the sidewalk. Whew!! After some long hugs she whispered, "I forgive you. Mommy, I'll never forget you."

On the way home (while the other kids retold stories of their past) I quizzed her on full name, her parents names and such. "Rebekah, do you know your address?"

"No. I know what the sign looks like. I know the number."

"What's the number?"

"Twenty five," she announced proudly.

Twenty five is the speed limit. I think I know the first thing she's going to be learning in kindergarten this fall.


Andrea said...

I can hardly manage to get 4 of my little duckies across the street! So I don't know how you don't do this EVERY day! Thankfully, you have beautiful, forgiving children and the Lord protected her because He is so, so good!

SarahR said...

I died laughing at Joseph's prayer! That boy is so silly!

Brooke said...

I have to admit that I laughed a lot and then felt really bad for you. Joseph always comes up with something entertaining, huh? Maybe you needed a little comic relief. It happens to everyone, and I am sure that the big cookie and some good hugs can fix most anything :)

Amy K said...

Oh no! That would be awful!!

Enjoyed catching up with your blog and seeing Wyoming pics. Looks like an amazing vacation!