Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not my finest parenting moment...

So, Sean met me with the kids after work at KFC so we could use our free meal coupons before they expire tomorrow. We were denied the free meal, but instructed to fill out a form to receive a coupon by mail for another time. Filling out eight forms took both Sean and myself a few minutes. We sent the kids out to the car together to get buckled in, got in our respective cars and drove away. About two minutes into the drive I realized that Lydia and Betsy were not with us. A kid can hide in a fifteen passenger van without a problem. Looking in the rear view mirror I could see Lydia with Sean. But where was Betsy?

We quickly did a U-turn and with my heart in my throat we made a B-line right back to KFC. She was waiting eagerly by the door with an employee. I expected that she would be in a crying heap, but she was not. Our Elizabeth is growing up and handled the situation beautifully.

When we got home there was this message on the machine:

Hi. This is Elizabeth B...... I'm lost mom, um, and I'm at a restaurant. Do you think you could come back and get me? Ummm....I'm at KFC in Avon. That's where I am. Bye.

Betsy had gone into the restroom and come out to find herself abandoned. She told the lady at the counter that her big white van was gone and asked to use the phone. We asked her how long it took for us to come back. She said, "Oh, about 20 seconds." Yeah, that 20 seconds added about 200 white hairs to my head.


Alaina said...

My parents did that once to M - I don't think she even noticed. :) They left her at church. :)

Why did they not let you use the coupon? Ours expire on the 19th - so I'm planning to use them on Monday.

Monica said...

Alaina, at least the KFC in Avon stated that they could not honor the coupon due to "overwhelming demand". They didn't look too overwhelmed to me. They had forms to fill out and we are supposed to get a different coupon in the mail at some point. We'll see.

Tisha said...

MONICA, oh my gosh. I bet you were ready to die. She did very well!!

Duckygirl said...

This is one of my fears so we do 'sound off' as we leave to count heads. I shout sound off and they each have a # they recite :) Though that wouldn't work if they were split in two vehicles, hmm need to think on that.

She's smart enough to know to call, that's a good thing!


Michelle said...

I can just see your little Betsy handling her 'lost' moment with such strength and courage!!! AND I can just see your 'frantic' moment as those 200 gray hairs began popping out of your head!!!! OH MY!!

Heather L. said...

How scary!!! Betsy did such a good job of handling the situation!!!

Monica said...

I know you were very proud of her for handling herself so well:)
This is one of my biggest fears...haven't left anyone...yet! My kids have hid a couple of times to trick me. I had a hard time laughing though, the thought makes my blood pressure go up!!
And, bummer about the coupons. We try to call ahead to make sure our store/restaurant is taking the coupons.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh the fear that grips you in that instant. Nothing like it.

sounds like she did GREAT though!

My mom once left my sister at church in the nursery. The crazy part was by the time she realized it and headed back, people had left the nursery, lights off and everything. My new little sister was sleeping soundly in a crib...alone.

Happens to the best of us and definitey the busiest of us :)

Amy said...

Once when I was really little we went on vacation to Florida with the Nices, and we had all 5 little girls in the back of a station wagon. We had gone to the zoo one day (at least an hour from where we were staying) and no one noticed til we were back at the hotel that we had left Tamara at the zoo! When we got back she was with some employees playing with rabbits.

We still tease her about that!

Brooke said...

Oh, Monica :) It could happen to anyone, especially since you all were in two different vehicles. It sounds like she was very responsible. You trained her well!