Friday, May 8, 2009

My mom

Shuffling down the stairs in my plastic feet pajamas and being held in her fluffy lavender housecoat while she sipped her morning tea and ate toast.

Getting off the bus and seeing her lying on the sidewalk looking up at the sky. We lined up beside her waiting for the first big drops to fall on our faces.

Fielding softballs at dusk that she would hit way out into the field.

Talking in the dark in the big, green van about things that mattered to us and not feeling afraid to ask questions.

Looking out into the crowd at a piano competition and seeing her confident smile as I began to play.

Watching her prepare creative and engaging Sunday School lessons on Saturday evening after a long day of work.

Skipping school with her to eat Chinese and visit the great aunts.

Knowing that when the phone rang in my dorm room before 9am that it was my mom. She just missed me. I missed her, too.

Calling her to let her know we were expecting a new baby and knowing that she would not only supportive, but excited.

Visiting her house and then being told to go take a much needed nap. She would gladly watch the kids.

Sitting together at Grandma's bedside as she passed away. I was overwhelmed by my mom's love and strength and wondered if I could ever let her go.

This is my mom. When I grow up I want to be just like her.


Duckygirl said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom!! I think I want to be like her too :)


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I heart Trudy.

And you.

Heather L. said...

Such a great post! I don't think I've met your mom? Anyway, I should meet her again. :)

Angie said...

Beautifully written, Monica! Happy Mother's day to you and your mom!

Denise said...

I want to be just like your mom when I grow up too!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a creative tribute to your mom!