Monday, May 18, 2009


While Sean participated in a meeting of the minds last Saturday, the kids and myself sought to take in Nashville. We were there a few summers ago and saw some of the standard Nashville attractions. We only had about six hours so originally, I had planned to surprise the kids with a day of cowboy fun. The weather, however, did not cooperate.

Instead, we enjoyed the Frist Center for theVisual Arts downtown. The Medieval Exhibit was fascinating. We particularly found the sculpture series of the life of Jonah of interest. Also, the many broaches and earrings displayed were so ornate and individually beautiful. It was fun to imagine who might have worn these and what their lives would have been like. There were also manuscripts on display with perfect writing and scrolled designs in bright colors. When I explained that these were not printed off the computer, that a person actually worked very carefully to create these, the jaws dropped. Perhaps a little more attention will go into handwriting now.

This museum boasts about being family friendly and with good reason. The top floor is devoted to children’s exploration of visual arts. There were thirty different activities. The workers were themselves artist who shared their knowledge as the children worked. This was such a change of pace from our past art museum experiences where I spent the whole time shushing everyone and making them keep their hands behind their backs. And to even sweeten the deal, kids are admitted for free. If you ever have some time in Nashville, the Frist Center is a must.

After three hours at the museum, lunch was on the agenda. It was the Spaghetti Factory for us! We even got to sit in the trolley car.

The final stop was the Parthenon. Nashville has the only live scale model of The Parthenon. I’m not quite sure why that is, but it was fun to explore nonetheless. We decided to forgo actually touring the museum and it’s replicas of various idols and just stayed outside to watch the thunderstorm roll in. I might build on what we saw by using some lesson plans this summer on those rainy days or days that are just too hot.

When picking Sean up, we met some of his math teacher friends. One man was sharing about how his friend from another country has several children. In their home country the families did most everything together. If one child was invited to a skating party, than the whole family joined in. An opportunity for one was an opportunity for all. There was quite a culture shock when they came to America and the family was split in so many directions.

Again, I am thankful for the opportunity to homeschool and have these few years together as a family to live, explore and learn. I know that it might seem like a crazy hassle to make such a quick trip, but for us time is precious. These years all together in the span of their lives is very short, yet God has given them each sibling for a purpose. It won’t be long before schedules will be full and responsibilities greater, so I’ll embrace each opportunity we have now.

I often wonder what our children will look back and reflect on when they are older. Will they remember tracing each other’s hands to make prints? Or the Parthenon? Or laughing themselves silly over Shirley Temple movies in the van? Perhaps this blog will jog a few memories:)

I do pray that these times of togetherness builds in them a bond stronger than experiences. I pray that they truly do enjoy one another’s company. I pray that they are refreshed to see other parts of the world and it used by God to give them inspiration for their own lives. I pray that they will inspired in their own families to stay together and not be pulled apart.

**Sean and I have a fun time dreaming about what we want to show the kids. The discussion stems from this: “I really want to see their face when the see/experience (blank) for the first time." How would you fill in the blank?**


Tisha said...

You two are such wonderful parents. To have seven children and still go out and experience the world just amazes me. I think I will be lucky if I get to go out and experience Target once the girls are here. :)Miss you friend!

Monica said...

Ok, "pay-back"!! Now, you're making me cry. What a beautiful post. You are so wise to focus on being together.
"I do pray that these times of togetherness builds in them a bond stronger than experiences." Beautifully put and most importantly you are living it daily.

mom24 said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you're all having! I find myself wondering how we will manage to do things like this with our family (4 now but possible larger later), so I understand what you mean when these times are precious. Time like this is more than worth the 'busyness' that we moms much go through to make it happen.
And I agree with you - one of the purposes of my blog is to have a journal over which the kids can laugh & cry later....
Enjoy each moment!