Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Season

We have our second teenager in the house! Last week our Lydia celebrated her birthday and we swept her away for a few days to Nashville, Tennessee. As only God could provide, Sean had a conference at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. It was the most amazing hotel I had ever stayed at and it was especially delightful to share it with Lydia.

The pictures don't do justice to the beautiful gardens and waterfalls.

We were talking on the way and realized the only time we've spent with Lydia alone was when she was born and then last year when she had swine flu which meant she couldn't stay at the grandparents with the rest of the kids. There just are not many opportunities like these when in a family of nine. But when they do come along, these times are especially precious to us all.

We spent much of our time working through Passport To Purity. Let me just say, this was much easier the second time around! It thrills my heart to enter into this next phase of our relationship as mother and daughter. I know how much I leaned on my mom for information and wisdom regarding relationships. Many a late night was spent talking in the dark car in the driveway. She was always open, honest and approachable. I want to be that for my girls.

I was encouraged this weekend to be more mindful to pray not only about the purity of my children, but about the purity of their future spouses. There are countless traps and obstacles young people face, for sure, but our God has not left us defenseless.

We had some free time to explore the hotel, swim, get pedicures, watch movies....

Our trip ended with a special dinner with Sean. He gave her a purity ring, a symbol of our commitment to pray for her and to help her navigate through these teenage years and beyond. And, according to her dad, she is to wear it every time she is with a boy she likes.

This girl loves her dad.

When we arrived home the kids could hardly wait to shower her with their gifts. Align Center

How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
By living according to your word. Psalm 119:9


Mary@notbefore7 said...

This second teenage girl's weekend is as much of a joy to read as the first! I truly LOVE your purity ring as a commitment to HER! Now did I ask you...what symbol will the boys get?

Monica said...

We've been talking about that actually. The plan is for me to give the boys their gift. I was thinking maybe something valuable to keep in their pocket. But I'm leaning towards a ring that I bought for Sean from Latvia when we were engaged. He still wears it every day. It's manly, valuable and they would match their dad:) I've got six more years to think about it though.

Tisha said...

Oh Monica, as I write this I am grabbing the tissues... you are an amazing mother!! I LOVE this post and your Lydia... she is beautiful... inside and out!

Andrea said...

I thought that Opryland had been flooded recently?? Glad you were able to go - it is such a gorgeous place!!
Such a wonderful way to celebrate your girls' stepping into adulthood! I'm glad that you go before with your girls so that I can think on these things before my kids get to that age!

Amy K said...

This is great! Sounds like a wonderful time. I have always been impressed by Lydia--she is beautiful inside and out!