Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Times

Here's some of the funny happenings of this past week:

Ariel (Elizabeth) dressed in a white gown, petting her stuffed Nemo, combing her hair with a fork, singing from the heart, "AHHH,AHHHH...."

Putting Joseph to bed (who was crying because he was scared of monsters in his closet) singing our favorite Karen Henley song:
"I am your God, I am your God, I am your God who holds your right hand. I say to you, 'Do not be afraid. For I will help you.'"

Mommy, I'm still afraid.

Joseph, God is always watching over you all the time. He always sees you.

But (starting to sob), I think God already went to bed tonight.

Lying in the dark with Sean and trying to sing every 80's rollerskating song that we could remember.
"Because your kiss, your kiss, is on my list..."

Lydia made two Lego airplanes exactly the same except one was colorful and the other white. "Look mom, this one writes in the clouds. This one is the eraser."


Heather L. said...

Loved that! I feel like Joseph sometimes, but Joseph can get away with saying that! (In reality, God's presence has been my greatest comfort, but life is still hard and scary).
A few cute sayings from us:
Rachel: i want to stay at your(Auntie C's) house for a month.
Later in the day after arriving home
Rachel: Daddy, I wanted to come at like 4 because I missed you.

mommy: james, do you need to go potty?
james: no
mommy: because I don't want you to wet your pants
james: I already did twice, once pee and once poo
mommy: Oh, James, that must have made Emmy very sad
James: no, she wasn't sad
mommy: she wasn't? (mommy looking very puzzled)
James: I went in the potty!
Mommy: What a good boy james!

mindi said...

What a cute comment about God going to bed.
Thankfully for us, God never goes to bed, and soon our children will learn that He is always with us!
And I remember being in the roller rink in the 80's. Good times!

Saph said...

Too cute!!!! =) My daughter has said so many funny things I can't remember.

VAIL said...

Sounds like you had a very blessed week!

Sniz said...

Oh my goodness! That last quote was so beautiful, it made me cry. You should have it written in calligraphy and framed. Do you mind if I do?