Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Shakedown

Years ago my friend, Cindy, and I were behind a semi that rolled on a country road. There wasn't another car in sight. It was a nerve racking and horrible experience to say the least. Thankfully, both the driver and the hitchhiker were okay. All of that aside, the picture that has stuck in my head is one of the large amount of trash that rolled out of this semi's cab all over the road. It looked like a dumpster had been turned over.

We have a 15 passenger van now which is just beyond wonderful. Everyone has plenty of room and air conditioning. Knowing that these vehicles are prone to roll when in accidents we carefully researched to find the best option. We settled on the Chevy Express.

We clean out our van every other Monday and I am astounded by the amount of trash and clutter that we remove each time. If someone took our van, held it upside down and shook it this is what would have fallen out this week:

1. 2 Basketballs
2. 4 pairs of shoes
3. A box of crayons (not all in box)
4. 8 library books
5. banana peel (disgusting)
6. 4 empty cups
7. 1 bottle
8. 5 pens
9. 10+ pieces of paper
10. 3 church bulletins
11. a pineapple
12. 2 handfuls of cheerios
13. portable CD player and headphones
14. 3 empty water bottles
15. 4 jackets
16. half an English Muffin (reminded me of a crouton)
17. pair of roller blades with smelly socks

Can't you see the headlines now?
Family Survives Rollover but Interstate Closed 3 Hours for Clean Up


Cindy said...

That last line is HILARIOUS!

So funny... I hadn't thought about that accident in YEARS and was just telling a friend about it last week! I couldn't exactly remember what happened afterwards, though... that was before cell phones. So how did help come on a lonely country road? I can't remember. But I DO remember what I was wearing. A t-shirt with Mickey Ears on it. Oil was spurting from the truck and it got all over my t-shirt. I remember you holding the bloody head, too. :) Is that accurate?

Monica said...

I think that some car behind us stopped and went for help. It was probably 15 minutes or so before the fire truck showed up. The old lady would not lay still until she had her bag out of the truck. It probably contained everything she owned. So I climbed into the cab lying on its side. I kept thinking, "This thing is going to explode!" You stayed and held her bleeding head.

I was thinking about that shirt, too while I was writing this. You were freaking out all the way back to TN because that lady's blood was on it.

That's what memories are made of.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That seriously is too much! I don't even want to think about what is in my minivan....

Sounds like quite an accident you two were in. Man o man.

come on by my blog. I have something for you.

Jen said...

Hahahah. I can see the headlines... and I can see you shaking your head laughing. :)