Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frugal $400 March update

We are halfway through March and here's where we stand on keeping within the budget.

I have been working hard on using more coupons and I've been amazed by the savings. This is not taking up all of my time, I'm just paying attention, checking some blogs, printing or clipping those individual coupons only and dropping by the store when I can. I go in only for that item and to peruse any manager's special meat. Then I use the self scan so I can be in and out of the store in five to ten minutes.

So far this month I've been able to get these grocery items for free or nearly free with coupons:
8 small jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter (Kroger)
6 boxes of cereal (Kroger)
8 boxes of Fiber One bars (Kroger)
8 bags of frozen vegetables (Meijer)
12 bunches of broccoli (Target-which I blanched and froze)

My favorite purchase? 6 gallons of organic skim milk for $12! They were near expiration and went right into my freezer. Skim milk thaws well and tastes no different after being frozen.

I also made a Sam's Club trip at the beginning of the month for produce hoping that it would last longer and save money. I was thrilled with the quality. The fruit was HUGE and one piece was easily shared between two people. No food went to waste. I've found that when I stock up on regular grocery sale produce it begins to go bad in just a few days.

This is what I purchased for $45.96. In nine days it was gone. Not bad, really. The bananas lasted the longest. We ate the last one on Wednesday.

So I've got just uner $200 left in the budget for the month. My freezer is well stocked with meat that I've been picking up on manager's special. I'm going to try not to go to the store again this month (to spend my own money:) in order that I may use this remaining money to purchase what will be needed for freezer cooking with my sister Barbara.


Susan said...

Great job on the deals! I like seeing how you make out with you budget as our's is almost the same. Have a blessed weekend.


jess said...

i agree with susan...great job. i struggle with figuring out how to be frugal with my grocery budget - thank you for the real-life example..


Heather L. said...

glad to know sam's worked. I was wondering if it would nor not.

CC said...

Although I only have 2 kids to feed and I'm so jealous of the money you have left this month! I just spent my last $20 :( I'm praying that my mom will "help" buy me a few groceries when she flies up to see us tonight.