Saturday, March 8, 2008

Go ahead and ask me anything

I've been low on creative juices lately. So now it's your turn. Have you ever wanted to ask me a question? Want to know something about my "real" life? Now is your chance. Randomness is welcomed. That's usually what my posts are anyway:)

Those of you out there who think that you can not leave a comment because you do not blog, do not be deceived. Just click on "post a comment" and sign in as an anonymous user. But be sure to mention who you are at the end of your comment if you want me to know.


Chris DeVore said...

Hi Monica, did you know you can invite reader questions all the time (and protect your privacy) by using Askablogr? It's a Q&A widget that turns reader questions and your replies into inline posts automatically. If that sounds useful, you can see it in action on my blog ( and get your own at

Catherine said...

I'd love for you to blog about homeschooling. How do you decide what subjects to cover? How do you decide what curriculum or approach will be best for different children? How do you stay on top of it all?

Another thing I'm interested in is how in a large family do you figure out activities? I presume that just logistically you can't have each child doing several sports/music/lessons type activities, but how do you decide which interests are worth pursuing and which need to be let go?

Third (and sorry to bombard you with queries!), are you the kind of person who has just always had it all together, or is that a skill you learned as you went along? I'm wondering this because whenever I see you in real life, you never seem flustered or stressed or overwhelmed, and I wish I could be more like that!

Michelle said...

I've been thinking all day what I could ask you....and I guess the top question on the list is.....can we come with you on your wonderful trip this summer? Okay, that's not very profound...and it's a bit selfish...but I can't help it!!!

mindi said...

Okay, this has been on my mind lately - have you ever felt worthless as a parent? Unable to cope with the task, and not sure of what to do when faced with a given situation? You always seem so together and I admire that!! I just wondered if you had ever felt like you were unsure of a parenting task.

Sniz said...

So, are you planning to have more kids??? Well, are ya? Too personal? OK, I'll ask you in person!

Alaina said...

What kind of chores do you have your kids do? When (as in time of day, days of the week etc.? What age do you start?

Do you give an allowance to your older kids or have a way for them to earn money?

duckygirl said...

What is your favorite board game?

Do you have any allergies?

What are your top three favorite candy bars?

Hopefully since those are nice and random they'll help you create a nice and long blog post ;)


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Who is your favorite strawberry blonde, freckled old roommate with big thighs?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed you've never written about playing the piano, or piano lessons with your girls. What about the mouse under the key? Or Fuzzy Castle? or playing in your big dresses for recitals or Jr. Miss? What how you guys memorize the Bible at your house, or Bible Bowl? I Love you, Bean, the Beauty Queen. -Vanessa

JenniferLayne said...

Will you come and be my nurse when I give birth?

Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

Hey Monica, I always somehow find my way back to your blog, and enjoy it very much. I have a question for you (as a homeschool mom of 3) Do you ever want to 'quit' and send your kids to school? How do you deal with this?

shay said...

Actually the anoyn poster before me asked my question.

Of course we all feel like giving up. How do you know the difference between this and God asking you to change direction? (we are currently praying about next year can you tell?)

Oh and what do you do for Science?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow - there are some great questions listed here! I am particularly interested in how you handle the kids activities outside the house. Are there rules about how many they can do, etc?

What parenting books have been most effective for you as you raise your kids?

What homeschooling books?

(yes, I am a reader)

How do you manage alone time with each child on some sort of regular basis?

Can't wait to see your answers!