Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Polls

Yesterday morning at 7:30 am. I got in line at the polling station with three kids in tow. For the next two hours we spent time with our neighbors talking, discussing and learning about one another. I had given Joseph specific instructions not to talk about his political views (which are many). He was only to respond the questions if asked. For the most part, he did well. I thought there might be some trouble because when I told him he could go he was excitedly jumping up and down yelling, "I get to go cheer for John McCain!!"

I love voting for many reasons. I love thinking through the issues with my own family and the discussions that result. I love seeing those people that live around me all in one place. I love the quiet respect that seems to permeate the room for one another. I love imagining what places and circumstances that have brought each person to their current decisions. I love watching people run into old friends. I love showing my kids what it means to be an American and casting a vote. I love pushing that big red button.

Living in the sprawling suburbs doesn't exactly tend toward a community atmosphere. But it did my heart good yesterday to see the people in this section of our town come together with one purpose.

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