Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcoming Winter Weather

Today is the first cold day of many to come. Homeschool group coop has ended for the semester. Basketball doesn't begin for a few more weeks. I'm thankful for a little down time, but the kids are full of energy and ready for some play. They were happy for these new dress ups I picked up at 90% off.

The day ended with a delightful play about a treasure map and a Pilgrim sailor who found himself in China. There he discovered a Chinese Princess who was falling off of a cliff. Good thing that Super Girl showed up just in time to save the day for the dance competition. A repeat performance is promised tomorrow.

Meanwhile, dance lessons are being provided by Betsy free of charge if you can stand to have your arms twisted off by the teacher.

1 comment:

mindi said...

Very cute video!
And I have to say, yea for supergirl :)