Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sometimes the amount of questions and talk in this house can be a bit overwhelming for my ears to handle. But at the end of the day when I realize all the smiles that these words bring me I'm thankful. Here's some smiles from the past week.

Joseph at the dinner table declared, "Dad, do you know how old God is? He's infinity years old!"

Yesterday, I had to take Betsy to the Immediate Care because she poked her eye in the morning and it was still really bothering her in the afternoon. I try to let my kids talk when we go to the doctor and I just sit back a listen. Yesterday she was in rare form and told this story word for word twice. It was all the more entertaining because she has a loose front tooth holding on by a thread that was sticking out. I don't think the nurse or doctor knew what to make of her:)
So, tell me what happened?

Well this morning, I think it was like around 9 o'clock or something, my mom was printing me some pictures of chocolate off the computer. I was making a chocolate treasure hunt for my brothers and sisters. She even found a map that looked like chocolate. Anyway, when I was walking away I tripped or something like that and the edge of the paper, you know the pointy part, stuck me in the eye.

Did it hurt when it happened?

Yes. It made me cry, but I didn't have any feelings so I don't understand why I was crying like that. Then it was better for a while. But later when my mom said we could watch TV it started crying again. Do you think I was watching too much TV? Now about every minute or something it feels like I have a crumb of paper stuck in my eye.

Thankfully her cornea was not scratched. They applied some numbing drops and sent us away with an antibiotic. I think it was just too much TV:)

I don't know if you remember the sugar in the stove incident performed by my lovely daughter. Yesterday she caught me vacuuming the stove pipe trying to remove dried oats. I had placed the bag of oats on the stove while something was in the oven and the plastic melted.

"Mom, are you going to put that on your blog? If I had a blog, I'd write about that."

Like mother, like daughter.

Elizabeth teaching the others how to count money. They don't really need me:)

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Dustybug said...

Oh, I had a good laugh at the "do you think I was watching too much tv?" lol! Very cute!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I absolutely love the rambling story of the eye! Kids are AWESOME!

Love your little teacher :)

mom24 said...

So funny how they perceive things - everything seems so literal to them. Very cute! So glad her eye wasn't cut though...