Monday, January 12, 2009

Frugal Bedroom Makeover Part 3- It's all in the details

Collecting frugal finds to tie the room all together has been my favorite part!

The curtains were a Walmart Clearance at $4 for each panel. The sheer was $2.50 from Goodwill and the curtain rod was $20 from a going out of business sale.

We covered the girls' chair with some clearance fleece for $7.50. The wall shelves were $2 each from Goodwill and a great place to keep their CDs that they don't want the little ones to reach.

The throw pillows came from the going out of business sale ($15) and some fabric to recover pillows that we already had ($4). Hannah crafted the small blue pillow from a Goodwill skirt. She makes her mama proud:).

I had been looking around for some sort of small fountain or relaxing water element. Didn't find one, but we brought out the neglected fish tank and set it up. The kid's love it!

Perhaps our favorite detail is this painting found under the bed while moving it. My sister, Vanessa, used to live in this room and is a talented artist. Isn't it the best?!

This unwanted cabinet door came from Goodwill for $2 and we repainted it into this plaque. Likewise the mirror was a thrift store find repainted. The light blue twin coverlet is complements of Martha Stewart and Kmart clearance rack for $10.00.

I think we've achieved what the girls intended from the beginning. A room that is relaxing, mature and easier to keep clean. We'll see about that last part:).

See the entire makeover here and here.

And just for the record the entire makeover cost just at $200. This is much more than I had anticipated. The paint really added up. I never found a neutral "seconds" paint in all my searches. Maybe next time. But really spreading it over several months made the cost seem minimal.

Sheets for Duvets $18
Wall Paint $ 40
Other Paint $28
Knobs $14
Curtains $10
Curtain Rod $20
Lamps $30
Material $26
Pillows $15
Misc. Sewing Supplies $5
Wall decorations $6
Fish set up $10


Tisha said...

Monica... it is perfect! I think $200 is VERY frugal for all you were able to do. What a haven for the girls.

Heather L. said...

What a wonderful job you've done! Very inspiring! Love the fleece material on the chair!

Anonymous said...

FYI...the painting is of our old driveway out in the country. Remember the tall skinny trees with the droopy one in the ditch that Barb and I played under?

Monica said...

Very pretty! I love what you did the cabinet door!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Awesome job! I love that idea with the cabinet door!