Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just in case you wanted to know....

I thought I'd join the masses and share with you my 25 random things:

1. My summer job in high school was traveling with the fair making elephant ears, shake-ups and corn dogs.

2. I love to learn- that's probably why I enjoy homeschooling so much. This week I learned all about rocks and desert animals. Fascinating! I'm really brushing up on my Algebra skills, too.

3. It is difficult for me to read non-fiction.

4. In elementary school I read every single book in the library about women and history. Just ask me anything about Amelia Earhart, Clara Barton or Florence Nightingale (to name a few).

5. I've had the same best friend since first grade. We even roomed together four years in college despite the nay sayers.

6. Sean and I "dated", were engaged and married within 11 months.

7. I love to be present in people's lives at those milestones- I guess that's why I've been both a hospice and OB nurse.

8. Studying the book of Romans changed my life.

9. If I'm going to cry (which isn't often) it's going to be in the shower.

10. I began playing the piano at age four and continued taking lessons in college. I rarely play now.

11. Most of the time I have a blank expression. This is very confusing to Sean.

12. I love my husband more than I thought humanly possible- how could a person be so fun, intriguing, attractive, laid back and intelligent at the same time?

13. I believe that God can do ANYTHING and that His Word is enough.

14. I really enjoyed being pregnant seven times and it makes me sad that my childbearing days are over.

15. We had seven kids in 9 1/2 years. I'd say that's time well spent:)

16. I can park our 15 passenger van with precision.

17. I have three sisters and we all sound alike on the phone.

18. I work with one of my sisters, Barbara, on the same floor at the hospital. We even share a locker.

19. I have superpowers. Seriously. According to Sean, I have powers which allow me to find anything. (I think it's more like I'm the one who puts everything away:)

20. I'm not a very touchy feely person, but I love cuddling with my kids.

21. When I grow up I want to be like Elisabeth Elliot.

22. My daily prayer is that God will use me where I am in the ways that most glorifies Him.

23. I'm totally enjoying my girls coming into the teenage years- I enjoy the late night talks and deep questions. They remind me a lot of myself.

24. I'm not incredibly organized like many people assume, though I would like to be.

25. My favorite verse is found in Psalm 136. I memorized it at a retreat in 7th grade and it daily comes to my mind. "Search me, Oh God, and know my heart. Test me, and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting."


Heather L. said...

These are so fun! I hadn't realized (or forgot) that you work with your sister! how fun!

mindi said...

Very neat!
That's awesome that you work with your sister, and I think I would like being an OB nurse!!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I did not know #18!
And I say #22 is being answered daily!

Monica said...

I loved reading these tidbits about you.
I wish we were neighbors:) :)

Becca said...

Does your husband hope you'll be like Elisabeth Elliot when you get older? :-) I enjoyed visiting your sites, I'm Becca, nice to meet you.