Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 3: We're still alive

It's been a long few days. Running headfirst into the Elimination Diet has been no small task. Leaving behind what seems like all major food groups and embracing the "all natural" has been disruptive to both physically and emotionally to everyone on some level.

Physically, the younger kids have been more whiny and loud than usual. Most of us have had headaches throughout the day. The bathroom has had a workout (I'll spare you the details.) One of the girls has terrible canker sores now. I think lethargic would be the word to best describe our crew this week. I'm looking forward to the time when we turn the corner, that's for sure.

Emotionally, there have been some tears when having to turn down sweets from a neighbor. That was sad. I think that bread is missed above all else. One of the kids thought the other was eating bread and was so excited. It was just a banana:(

On the upside, no one is having trouble sleeping at night. There's not much that can keep me up past 10 it seems. Also, we are already seeing improvements in the eczema. The scaly rash is still there, but the redness is gone and there is no seeping.

Personally, I'd LOVE to have a Diet Coke right now. Driving down the road today, I think every single billboard was a McDonald's sign with a $1 Diet Coke advertised. That's just cruel. But, I am drinking water as I should and actually didn't mind it's nonflavorness so much today.

Being the cook right now has been interesting. I'm not used to fixing food that my family doesn't like. I was just about in tears tonight serving them dinner and being just sure that they were all going to gag. But to my surprise, they said it was their favorite yet. It reminded them of Chipolte.

Either they are getting really hungry, or they are feeling very sorry for me.

Brown Rice and Lentils with Cilantro Lime Chutney


Tisha said...

How amazing that you are already noticing a difference with their skin. The "withdrawal" will go away, but I know it is so hard. I don't feel good when I just take out bread, so I can't imagine how you all feel taking so much out at once. It obviously is working though.

Catherine said...

Your dinner does sound like Chipotle! I'm impressed you're doing this, and I'm glad to hear the results are good (and I've also heard the withdrawal stuff goes away after a few days, hopefully that's true!).

rubia said...

I admire your courage. I hope you continue seeing the benefits, and I'll be curious to hear how this helps in the months ahead.
-Laura P.

Heather L. said...

Your dinner looks SO good!!!! My kids always complain, every dinner, about my food. :( Glad there are some good results so far. Maybe the bad side-effects will wear off in a few days. It's so exciting to hear your progress and it makes me want to go on the diet (Michael says not while I'm pregnant :)).

Brooke said...

It WILL be worth it. At least you are seeing postivite signs so quickly with the skin issues, which can hopefully motivate you to keep driving PAST MCDonalds. I hate to admit it, but my van seems to know the way to the $1 Coke spot!

Ruth of fat loss for idiots said...

This is one great dinner. I applaud your courage.

I'll stay tuned to the progress next month ahead.

Anne said...

What is the recipie for that dinner? It looks amazing!!!!! (I love reading your blog I went to CCHS & had your husband as a teacher)

Rachel said...

Chris and I did this for 10 days and the first 3 were the most difficult by far! By the time we got to day 5 it was no big deal.

I remember being very close to tears passing a mcd on day 3 because I wanted a diet coke sooooo bad!

The funny thing about the diet coke was that after 10 days, I didn't like it anymore. I ended up not drinking any for about a month, but now I'm hooked again:)

Hang in there! It will get better :)

Alyssa said...

You listed all the foods you're not eating, I'd love to hear everything you are actually eat.

Angie said...

WOW! Already seeing results is fantastic! I find that I am sleeping more on my pre-surgery liquid diet...cause when I am asleep, at least I am not hungry! The good news is that there will be things added back in...eventually! praying for you all as you work through the withdraw! Keep going!

mom24 said...

Oh am soooo there with ya! The hardest part for me is not what I miss but that I have trouble setting something in front of them for dinner that I know they won't like. I'm afraid that they won't eat enough and then will be hungry and cranky later.
But the key is consistency so that your bodies can adjust (it can take 18-24 months to heal a gut that reacts to gluten or other things!). You WILL get used to and even enjoy these new foods as your palettes adjust to less junk.
I just tried Pamela's Gluten Free pancale mix to make banana muffins tonight (no dairy either) - a hit! The price of it will make it a treat for us but it's nice to have something easy to whip up on occasion. Also - try using almond flour or pecan meal (whatever you can get cheaper - online is the best place to find these) mixed with Herbamare/salt, and other spices to bread your chicken or chops. Drizzle with olive oil & freah basil and bake until the almond flour starts to get brown. YUM!

I'm soooo rooting for ya cuz I know how good this is for your family (as already seen by improvements)!! :-)