Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's definitely winter. It's not only cold, but the children feeling (and acting) a bit pent up these days. It seems that the days are VERY long, yet the sunlight VERY short. Nonetheless, we are trying to stay warm and occupied. This won't be too hard once basketball season goes into full gear in a couple of weeks. But until then....

First Snowmen of Winter 2009

Watching a show online when chores are done at the end of the day.

Field trip downtown to the Rhythm! Discovery Center

The knitting needles have made a comeback

The newest game around here. Wall-eopoly.

Enjoying a quiet Lord's Day.

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Brooke said...

I wanted to go to the Discovery Museum for the free day! I didn't even know the place existed- what did you think?

Upwards basketball by chance? We love that program- affordable, non competitive, Scripture memorization, cool uniforms. . .

Stay warm. . . maybe you could knit a blanket ;)