Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding Results

There are a few particular results that we are looking for with this Elimination Diet. None of us have ever been diagnosed with any specific food allergies, but there are some physical symptoms/behaviors that we hope will respond positively to this change. Here's the rundown:

1) Eczema- terribly uncomfortable, itchy, inflamed and infected. It has not responded to creams, environmental changes. It's just gotten worse. If steroids don't have to be used, that would be ideal.

2) Sensory Issues- one daughter has NEVER been able to tolerate certain types of materials and clothing. This really isn't a rebellion issue, but a sensory one that has impeded concentration and learning at times.

3) Inability to concentrate- My kids are not ADHD by any means, but more consistently lately have had problems with focusing and recall.

4) Chronic Ear Infections/Fluid- this translates into antibiotics several times a year and often missing intructions/ meanings in conversations and constant discomfort.

5) Irrational food cravings- sneaking foods and never satisfied

6) Bloating/Stomach Aches several times a week

7) Inability to loose weight

I'm happy to report these things after the first 7 days!

1) Only one stomach ache

2) Sensory child CHOSE to wear jeans three times this week. I even asked her if I could cut the tags out for her if they bothered her too much. She said she didn't even feel them.

3) The eczema improved initially, but then flared up terribly last night and today after exercise.

4) Everyone is more alert and then appropriately tired at the end of the day.

We are also tracking everyone's basal (morning) temperature and have found a steady increase across the board by about a degree. Initially, everyone was in the 96's and now we are in the 97's.


Angie said...

This is so interesting! THank you for taking the time to blog about it...wonder how many people could be helped by this!?!?! Amazing! Praying the excema will ease again!

Tisha said...

Wow Monica, that is impressive. You have obviously eliminated some things that are helping the kids!!!

Heather L. said...

it's so exciting to read anything about your diet and the progress happening -- just wait until you've been on it even longer!!! hope it's going well this week.

Brooke said...

I am finding this fascinating. Are you trying to get to 98.6? Is a temp of 96 not as good as 97 or 98? This is new, uncharted territory :)

mom24 said...

I am so glad that you have made time to blog about this. I was so stressed out when I went through it 2 years ago that I could barely post about it. It would have helped me to have the symptoms and timeline and such journaled, so I encourage you to keep that info here for yourself as wel as others.
Seeing that your kids have had so many antibiotics for ear infections makes me want to recommend the book I'm currently reading (as if you have time for another book!! LOL!). It's called "Gut & Psychology Syndrome" by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. It is VERY educational about how the gut flora works and how to HEAL the gut flora so that the immune system starts to work better, symptoms go away, and many offending foods can be brought back. I plan to take my kids through this 'diet' as soon as I've read it since it's not far from where we are right now (GF/DF, brown rice but no other grains, no eggs or soy). If only to add knowledge for your journey, I highly recommend it. And I will do my best to blog about our journey this.
Again - you are making GREAT choices for your kids here!
Blessings to your work,