Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elimination Diet: The Numbers

We have made it through three weeks! Wow that is hard to believe, because frankly it's kept me so busy it seems like no time has passed at all. Tomorrow there will be a gluten ( not to be confused with gluttonous) fest here at our house. We will experience gluten for one day and one day only. Then we'll wait and watch to see if there are any reactions. I get asked a lot about what kind of reactions we expect. Initially, we will record our pulse before, 15 minutes after consumption and then again at 30 minutes. Other than that, there is a huge checklist of possibilities. I'm praying that any true reactions will be quite obvious.

Being the frugal gal that I am, I've found shopping for whole foods to be quite expensive. I think there are two things that come into play. First, there aren't sales, markdowns or coupons. Second, since we are not full of junk we simply want more volume of the real stuff. Also of note is that I'm having to travel about a half hour or more to get to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to purchase things that just can't be found anywhere else.

I feel in many ways I'm starting from scratch here. My mind automatically knows what the best price is on processed foods, but venturing into natural foods is a whole different scene for me. So I've been going to the store ALOT more than I'd like, but I have been able to compile a list of price comparisons which will help me (and the budget) through the rest of this process.

I may not be able to cut costs tremendously, but I have found some great stock up deals each week. The first week it was 100% apple juice at Meijer for $1.00 and large cartons organic chicken stock for. $1.00 at Kroger. The next week Kroger was clearing out all of their brown rice cereal for $1.50 (they usually go for $3-4 a box). Last week it was 100% orange juice 1/2 gallons for $1.25 at Kroger. I've also found coconut oil for $1.99 marked down from $6.00. So there are deals to be had, but not guaranteed.

I haven't actually run the numbers on what's been spent in these three weeks. Honestly, I'm kind of afraid to do so. Perhaps I'll just start with this new found knowledge and be a little more intention in my planning this next month.

Here's the breakdown of cost comparisons for what it's worth:)

TJ=Trader Joe's
WM= WalMart

Rice Milk (64oz) $2.99 TJ/$3.24 WM/$3.39 M

Rice Milk (1/2 gallon refrigerated) $2.98 WM/$3.59 K

Almond Milk (32oz) $1.60 TJ/

Brown Jasmine Rice $3.29 TJ/

Wild Rice $3.47 WM/

Brown Rice (2lbs) $1.87 WM/ (1 lb) $1.25-2.20

Organic Brown Rice (2lbs) $2.97 WM/ $3.99 M

Brown Rice Flour $2.92 WM/ $2.99-3.29 K/ $4.24 Amazon/$4.99 M

Cream of Rice Cereal $3.86 WM/ $4.44 Amazon/

Dried Cranberries $.28/oz WM, $.42/oz K, $.17/oz S

Brown Rice Pasta $2.87-3.22 WM/ $1.99 TJ/ Amazon $3.31/$2.69-$3.39 M

Lentils (16 oz) $.98 WM/ $1.45-1.65 K/$1.69 M

Black Beans (16 oz) $1.12 WM/ $1.49 K

Agave Nectar (23.5 oz) $6.37 WM/ (11.75 oz) $4.22-$4.89 K/$2.99, (23.5) $5.17 Amazon- must buy 6+shipping

Truvia (80 pack) $6.99 K/ $5.86 WM

Coconut Milk $1.99-2.29 K/ $1.25 WM/ $1.99 M

Rice Noodles 16oz $4.13 K/ $1.39 TJ

Texmati Brown Rice (2lbs) $5.58 WM/ $5.97-6.55 K

Cashews $4.99 (1lb) M

Almonds $10.98 (4 lbs) S


Rochelle said...


I've been reading through your posts about the elimination diet. I've given up dairy for Caitlyn. It has been quite difficult for me. I have to say that I'm tired of chicken & pork chops, but she is definately worth it. I did find a website that has some great suggestions. You might be able to find some good info here. I also found this cake recipe (

Andrea said...

Man - it's like you're writing down EXACTLY the things I went through when we changed our diet 18 months ago - exactly!
The TIME it takes, the absences of coupons, the extra driving, the STARTING over feeling (new recipes, shopping methods & $ knowledge).

One thing that I have had to do is to pray a lot about the price and accept that the stewardship of our bodies may cost us more financially but is worth the diligence. We just try to find other ways to make up the difference (oy - the amount fo meat my kids can eat! And I WISH I had a Whole Foods close!)

With us, I've struggled the most with giving up dairy. All the other things I can replace, but I cheat with the dairy and tell myself that it's too important for them to have (even though I see CLEAR evidence of allergic reaction).

But YOU have encouraged me to buckle down and STOP cheating for their sakes. Thanks! Keep on keeping on!

Anne said...

have you looked into ? They are a local service in the Indianapolis area that will deliver to your house (weekly or bi-weekly) local, organic produce and a host of other grocrey items - most of them in the whole/natural foods arena or organic. They are very decently priced and they have an amazing bulk foods section where you can get things like the rice and dried canberries and such for much cheaper (on average) than Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I have been using their service for a little over 2 years now and I love it! It is wonderful quality food at a decent price, and it saves a couple trips to the store!

Tif said...

Monica, I just want to say how much I admire what you are doing. Just giving up gluten for one child forever seemed somewhat overwhelming, but what you are doing is waaaaaayyyy beyond that. I applaud you. Remember when it is tough going, that you are inspiring others. Your family surely must treasure you for all that you are willing to do for them. Keep up the good work and don't give up. The rewards will be worth it!

Saralyn said...

Do you have any ethnic markets? I find that my produce and things like brown rice, quinoa, and beans (oh, the beans!) are cheaper there. Co-ops have good prices on coconut oil, dried coconut, honey, sucanat, and grains. We also benefit from a co-op that orders from Wilderness Family Naturals and Country Life Natural Foods.

Brooke said...

Think of all the money you will save on medications, creams, and doctor visits when your kids are healthy and free of the excema, stomach issues, etc. Maybe if you tally that up, your savings would outweigh your extra food costs???? Maybe a HUGE garden is in your future next summer ;)

Anonymous said...

I was talking to Tami Havics about how I was looking into starting an elimination diet in January and she directed me to your site. From the reading I have done on the internet, my plans are almost identical to what your family has been doing. Could you send me specifics of your plan?
Thanks so much. Jenni Balda (Tami's neighbor)

Rochelle said...

I was at Costco this morning and found Agave Nectar there. It is 7.69 for two 23.5 ounce jars.