Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do you know the Chocolate Man?

I fear I have a serious problem on my hands. I noticed it starting to develop a few years ago but laughed it off and turned a blind eye. I mean, he's just a little boy with big brown eyes. I would wipe back the brown crumbs from his cheeks, kiss him and send him on his merry way.

But now? I have a growing boy who can not keep his hands off the chocolate! He can smell it from a mile away. He salivates that the sound of the word. His big brown eyes grow even bigger (if that's possible) when he sees it.

The day after the M&M incident he found more M&Ms and ate them the next day. Later, our friend, Jenny, came over to baby sit. I sat him down in her presence and explained the situation.

"Joseph, I'm leaving now and I'm trusting that you will not get into any chocolate. If you feel like you want some you must ask Jenny first. If you do not, you will be punished. Now, can I trust you to do this?"

He looked at me most sincerely, thought for a second and said, "I think that you should have Jenny watch me closely."

Now there's a man who knows his limits.

Well yesterday we made Valentine's cookies and in the process I found one lone cherry cordial Hershey's kiss in with the sprinkles. The instant I found it Joseph was looking over my shoulder asking, "Where did you get that? Who gets to eat that?"

I explained that since it was Valentine's Day and that it was Daddy's favorite that we would save it for his dinner. Everyone agreed (though I think that I was asked an additional 12 times).

Well, that didn't last. The boy ate the chocolate again! The minute I saw his face I knew it to be true.

Big tears and cries of regret poured fourth, "Monica (he's taken to calling me this lately)....I mean mommy, I'm sorrrrryyyyyy....... Now I'm going to get a spank!"

It was sad and he got spanked. Really, I thought he was cute (though I didn't crack a smile) because I understand. I've been wanting to eat that chocolate all day, too.


shay said...

Oh how sad, and sweet and typical of small boys. I guess that's what training is all about. Falling, being disciplined and trying again. Better to learn it now.

I'm the one with the m&m problem! I have trouble leaving them - yikes!

Cindy said...

My kind of kid! :)
What's with the "monica"? That cracks me up.

Ah, the traps we fall in. Hopefully he'll conquer them before he's 35 and stuck like I am!

Hard day today, friend. I'd love your prayers.

soccermom said...

That child just warms my heart! He is SO precious Monica.

Sarah said...

I just love that he asked to be watched closely! Sounds a lot like my Sam.

Sniz said...

"I think Jenny should watch me closely." HAHAHA! You gotta love his honesty. I know this is funny, but it's kinda a metaphor for temptation that we fight all our lives, isn't it? The temptation is different, maybe more grown up, but we adults give in far too often to things and we usually don't admit it. You described this so well...what a cutie.

mom24 said...

I've read that chocolate ranks only below dairy, wheat and corn as one of the highest food allergens. Wierd, huh? This also explains why it seems to be addictive to some people. Personally - I can't even keep the stuff in my house! Good that he's honest though!:-)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, such a temptation. Poor sweet guy who knew just what he did.