Monday, February 4, 2008

February's Frugal $400 plan

I planned our dinner menu and purchased all the ingredients to start this month. For some of these I will double the recipe and freeze for a later meal. All of these meals are tried and true winners in our home. I'd be glad to post any of the recipes you request at The Full Table.

Based on the frozen turkey and ham in the freezer we'll be having:

Chicken Cilantro soup/ rolls
Taco soup
Azuki bean tacos
Sliced ham/ sweet potatoes
Scalloped potatoes and ham/ green beans
Quiche/blueberry muffins
Lentil Sausage Soup/ bread
Northern white beans and ham/cornbread
Homemade pizza
Turkey biscuits pot pie
Sliced turkey and stuffing/ dinner salad
turkey tetrazinni/ broccoli
chili/ corn bread
baked potato bar/ dinner salad
Italian chicken and rice/brocolli
Lettuce Wraps/stir fry veggies
Egg rolls and stir fry veggies

Spent $130.45 for these ingredients and breakfast/lunch for 2 weeks at WalMart and Aldi
Spent $36.20 for monthly diapers/medicine at CVS

$233.35 remaining for February and $16 ECB to spend.

I plan to use $30 a week or less for picking up CVS deals or sale meat for March, $130 or so for remaining weekly grocery or household needs.

I'm also joining Angie's challenge and saving back all the change to purchase compact light bulbs for our most frequently used lights. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll be completed converted over and saving even more money:)


Monica said...

Hi , Monica! Your menu looks very good. You are using your freezer meats very creatively. I look forward to seeing any of the recipes, but the turkey pot pie is one I would love to have. You are doing a great job on the new budget.

Sniz said...

I want the lettuce wrap recipe! How are you feeling?

AmyR said...

Wow, that's fabulous! My problem is picky me has created picky them (aka three kids, hubby will eat anything.) And what they will eat changes daily. I've been stubborn, and said, THIS IS DINNER, eat it or go hungry, and they have, gone hungry that is. Or, I've had them make their own pb sandwiches, which my daughter won't eat, because she doesn't like my homemade bread. Ugh.

mindi said...

Oooh - I'd love the turkey tetrazinni recipe (did I spell that right?)
I love your recipe blog . . .