Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is is possible to be this loved?

Sean, realizing the sort of day that I had yesterday and recognizing that our laundry had been unattended since before last Monday, took these piles of clothes last night (against the cold and threat of ice) to the laundry mat and did our laundry. I did not ask him to do this, mind you. He just announced that he wanted to. Bless that man!!

You see, every time the temperature gets below freezing our washer's drain pipe freezes at the bottom. So when the water drains it backs up and floods the laundry room floor. It was frozen before my surgery and again as of yesterday, so we were left with virtually no clean clothes.

He used the huge washers and dryers- one 6 loader and three 4 loaders. That's a lot of laundry, folks!

You want to know the irony of it? Yesterday I posted over at Crystal's about my laundry system. Just so you know, this is not it.

But I'm thankful this morning for a husband again who loves me so practically and selflessly. He's done it again. Give that man a crown!!


Heather L. said...

What a picture!! And what a nice thing for Sean to do!!! God is good to bring encouragement when we need it.

Sniz said...

What a wonderful man Sean is!!!

Cindy said...

That is a whole lotta love! :) So glad for you, friend. Hasn't God been good to us to give us such amazing, giving men?!?

Is there something you can do to change up the pipe situation?

Sarah said...

I looked at that picture and thought "Is it possible to have that much laundry?!" Wow!
That is absolutley a lot of love!

Monica said...

Yes, if you do the math it's frightening! 9 people X 7 days. 63 pants, shirts, and underwear a week. Let's not even talk about the sock.
Getting behind is a very, very sad thing.